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Localization & Translation Error List


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In Brood Chamber's Vetarex encounter, one of the messages that show in the beginning of the 70% and 40% mechanic phases contain a small typo. The message show after the boss has applied the Gaze of Discordia debuff to the furthest player.





Thanks in advance.

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On 2/14/2019 at 6:42 PM, DrindiX said:

lol game is full of typos and skill descriptions that are hard to understand, also check Play Infografic Vetarex is named Wailing Archfiend there.

Yeah, I noticed Wailing Archfiend too. Strange how this kind of stuff occur so often. Here's some more incorrect translations, starting with the one you pointed out:

  • Brood Chamber displays the Corruped Prince Vetarex's name as "Wailing Archfiend" in the Play Infographic.
  • Snowjade Fortress uses the Korean map's translation.
  • Drowning Deeps dungeon uses an incorrect name upon entering the dungeon, namely "Drown Out".
  • The Heart Nebula Stone's tooltip from the Blade & Soulmate event use an incorrect item description, "Reduces Soul Upgrade Costs" rather than Heart.
  • "Sealed Hive Queen Heart" is called "Sealed Hive Queen Soul".
  • Stage 10 Necklace acquired from Temple of Elvuium and Scion's Keep uses an incorrect naming for the Atrophy effect by calling it "Weakness".
  • The Chat Setting's option for received damage is called "My Damage". Not exactly incorrect, but "My Received Damage" would make a lot more sense.
  • Damage received from Blinding Storms in the Grand Celestial Emperor encounter is called "Dazzling Beauty Storm".
  • The "Dungeon In Progress" in Character Status (P) displays the Corruped Prince Vetarex name as "Brood Prince Vetarex".
  • The Dungeon In Progress in Character Status (P) displays "The Peacekeeper"'s name as "Peacekeeper".
  • Voice-lines in the event dungeon Hongsil's Workshop use voice-lines from an incorrect NPC.
  • General Moyun in the Hongmoon Training Room (F12) is called General Mo when spawning the boss.
  • The Play Infographic uses "The Hive Queen" as the final boss's name, rather than "Hive Queen".
  • Lastly, and probably most importantly, the Martial Tome is a mess. Really. Not just the translations provided by NCWEST, but also because there's a complete lack of basic formatting. Adding a Bulleted List, like I did here, would be fantastic for us to understand what our skills actually do.


I'll try to update this list if I find anything else.

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Updating the thread with some more mistakes:

  • Corrupted Prince Vetarex's name is displayed as Brood Prince Vetarex in the Daily Quest.
  • The Peacekeeper's message "The Peacekeeper creates a barrier around the target of Binding Stare" is missing a blank.
  • "Blackram Supply Chain" is displayed as "Leviathan's Horde" on the World Map.
  • "E. Fleet Supply Chain" is displayed as "Leviathan's Siege" on the World Map.
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  • 1 month later...

Before going further - thanks for taking this post into account NC! I've seen a bunch of the errors I pointed out being fixed. The game feels a lot more genuine when the feedback given really gets changed. :)

  • The "Pride" pedestal used to summon Kaari Lord in Cold Storage refers to Orb of Ascension as "Black Rose Orb".
  • Frozen Feather's tooltip description refers to the item as "Black Rose Feather".
  • Blade Dancer's Thundering Blade skill "Fatal Blade" uses incorrect skill requirements.
    • Fatal Blade's tooltip states that it requires "Accumulation Stacks"
    • The class-specific UI refers to it as "Electric Spirits"
    • The Status Effect Icons refers to it as "Bladepoint"
  • The Equipment Upgrade Path feature refers to "Awakened Skyreach Gloves - Stage1" as "Unbound Skyreach".
  • Blossom Orb's tooltip refers to the Blossoming Soul event as "Cherry Blossom event".
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  • The new UI question mark tooltip in the Hongmoon Store says "But a variety of items [...]" rather than Buy.
  • Legendary Orb from the Legends Reborn event is called Killshot Coin in the Received Items menu.
  • Character Info's Skills feature when not viewing the upgradable skills says for example "2Level" and "4Level" for the level requirement for each skill rather than, for example, "Level 5".
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  • 3 weeks later...

Another update:

  • Sogun's Lament and Desolate Tomb at the Cardinal Gates are displayed as Lonely Bastion and Tomb of the Exiles on the World Map.
  • Brood Chamber's Vetarex encounter calls the mechanic orbs spawned from the Blood Condensers "Brood Orbs" in the message pop-up and "Demon Blood Orbs" in the Combat logs.
  • The tooltip description for the "Remove Brand" debuff in Nightfall Sanctuary's Shield Bearer encounter says you have immunity to the "Unfaithful effect", which isn't any effect from what I've seen.
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  • 4 weeks later...
  • Nightfall Sanctuary displays the first boss encounter's zone as Peaceful Burial Chamber on the World Map and Chamber of Tranquility on the mini-map.
  • Grand Celestial Emperor's buff bar displays Flamewave Circle as Flamewave Ring.
    • The buff description also refers to it as Flamewave Ring.
  • Martial Tome displays Blade Dancer's Way of the Spinning Storm as "Whistling Blade" and Way of the Thundering Blade as "Sparkling Blade".
    • These names can be seen after opening the Martial Tome to the right, without selecting a talent.
  • Thornbreaker Necklace and Darkstorm Necklace's Guide section uses different phrasing as well as different descriptions of the specializations.
  • Dragonflame Jewel and Polished Scale Fragment's Acquired from section refers to Daily Challenge Dungeons as "Dungeon of the Day Daily Quests".
  • The Elusive Merchant Exchange NPC for Scarlet Blooms features an incorrect name.
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3 hours ago, PhoenixMitra said:

Greetings Viblo,


We forwarded your observations to the appropriate team to take a closer look.


Thank you!

Thank you PhoenixMitra!


One more thing I forgot to mention:

  • Raid consumables' (Excellent Elixir of Madness, Excellent Elixir of Protection, Excellent Elixir of Resilience, Roast Turkey, Strawberry Shortcake, Homemade Cookie) item description refers to Skybreak Spire as "Skybreak Spires". 
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • Doctor Gyojak's two status effects from the attack pattern, Courtesan and Devastation, are misnamed. Courtesan should be Parasitic.
  • Doctor Gyojak's status effect Sowing Target's description says "The Taint Seed will be injected" rather than "The Dark Seed will be injected".
  • The dynamic Quest Lord it Over is missing a quest description.
  • Nightfall Sanctuary Soul Shield 7 and 8's Acquired from tooltip refers to Grand Celestial Emperor as Grand Celestial King.
  • Spinderling's poison debuff in Hollow's Heart is called Poisoned instead of Poison. Debuffs are not meant to be descriptive terms of what you are, but rather what you have.
  • Sealed Raven King's Soul's Aquired from tooltip refers to General Moyun/General Shuna and Raven King as Kosa Skybreak Spire.
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • Dread Prince Sobu's Judgement: Third Trial status effect description refers to the third trial as the second trial.
  • In the Dread Prince Sobu encounter, Gravity Surge - Stage 3's status effect description refers to Stage 4 rather than 3.
  • Character Info (F2) is yet to provide names for Way of the Spectral Blade and Way of the Iron Fist.
  • Sidenote: the Game Guide's Required Equipment uses an incorrect icon for Transcendent Soul.
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Happy to help, Mitra! Thank you as well for continuing to report my posts further.

  • Upon Scarlet Empress's 20% phase initiation, the message "The Scarlet Empress's Crimson Energy grows" is missing a blank space.
  • Upon Dread Prince Sobu losing its target during the phase causing a Berserk Rage, the message is missing a blank space.
  • The Dragon Pulse leading to Scarlet Empress in Scarlet Conservatory - 3F refers to the boss as Scarlet Queen.
  • When viewing the Dungeon Progress in the Character Status (P) menu, Graft Titan has an added The in its name. The actual name is only Graft Titan.
  • In the Hongmoon Training Room (F12), The Peacekeeper has the incorrect name Barrier Keeper.
  • In the Hongmoon Training Room, Nightfall Sanctuary's Combat instruction is incorrect.
    • Peacekeeper:
      • On the Stance Shift note, it says a Knock Down effect will trigger your stance rather than the boss's. 
    • Shield Bearer
      • On the Stance Shift note, it says a Knock Down effect will trigger your stance rather than the boss's. 
    • Scorptamaton
      • "Thermal Beam" is not called Thermal Beam, but Fever Transfer.
    • Grand Celestial Emperor
      • Under the Flamewave Eye title, you write about "Submission". In the actual boss encounter, Submission is called "Superior Status".
  • In the Hongmoon Training Room, Brierbane's Combat instruction is incorrect.
    • Under the Decapitate title, it says you need to move backwards to dodge the Decapitate attack. You need to move sideways.
  • In the Hongmoon Training Room, Nacha's Combat instruction speaks of Tether Blade, when the actual name is Blade Edge.
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  • Upon spawning Frozen Asura in the Hongmoon Training Room, the message popup refers to the boss as "Gelid Warlord"
  • Writhe's tooltip (useable during Binding Vines in the Scarlet Empress encounter) refers to Binding Vines as "Death Flower Bind"
  • Both Grand Celestial Soul Shield Piece 7/8 as well as the cosmetic items Grand Celestial, Grand Celestial Adornment, and Grand Celestial Cowl refers to Grand Celestial Emperor as "Grand Celestial King"
  • Ebondrake Lair and Ebondrake Vault's World Map refers to Dasari Palace Gardens as "Skybreak Palace Gardens"
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • The question mark feature in the Character Info (F2) contains a typo
  • The Dungeon In Progress feature refers to Sandstorm Temple as "A Shrine in the Sand"
    • This is also seen as you enter the dungeon.
  • Opening the Darkstorm Necklace Chest grants "Blade Dancer's Raven Necklace Chest"
    • Whether this is unique to the Blade Dancer chest is unknown to me.
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • The Dungeon In Progress feature features an incorrect name for Cursed Gatekeeper Onubek in Sandstorm Temple
  • Stormbringer Soul's Guide section of the tooltip refers to Hongmoon Soul - Stage 6 rather than Hongmoon Soul - Stage 1
    • This is possibly not the fault of any localization team, but a slip-up from the devs due to them removing stage 6 and above in a prior update.
  • Skybreak Ring Chest, Skybreak Ring, Skybreak Earring Chest, Skybreak Earring, and Raven King's Soul's tooltip features an incorrect name for General Moyun
  • Raid currencies feature inconsistent "Acquired from" information.
    • Scarlet Bloom:
      • Temple of Succession Elusive Merchant Gong Hyunku, instead of the correct description Temple of Succession Elusive Merchant Hyuntae
    • Grand Celestial Wings
      • Emperor's Tomb Exchange Merchant Hee Gisang, instead of the correct description Emperor's Tomb Elusive Merchant Hee Gisang
    • Hive Queen's Wings
      • Dasari Palace Gardens Merchant, instead of the correct description Dasari Palace Gardens Dragon Trader Suh Seyun
    • Raven Feather
      • Shadowless Exchanger in Khanda Vihar, instead of the correct description Khanda Vihar Shadowless Exchanger Wei Ido
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