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Fire KFM gear help

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Rui Rui   

Hello hello!

So I've been slacking a whole lot when it comes to gear. At this point I believe I'm super behind and missed a whole lot of opportunities. I'm very very veeeeeery clueless when it comes to nicknames for stuff so please bear with me and my pea sized brain.

I have have raven 2, stage 3 destiny ring, awakened xanos earring, stage 3 oath necklace, stage 3 tiger bracelet, stage 3 eternity belt, hollows gloves, blue moon soul badge, stage 6 hongmoon energy, stage 1 awakened hongmoon heart, stage 6 hongmoon pet aura. 3 dauntless soul shield and 5 southern tiger.
If its best for me to go wind I'm fine with that.

I've looked up gear guides in the past but they all conflicted with each other or I believe they're outdated. I've became bored of leveling up my alts so I saw this boredom as an opportunity.

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