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Okay summoner pvper needs help

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Okay sooooooo

I need some help at how to play summoner in arena especially against other classes which are almost all pf them but mainly kfm destro sf and warden maybe summoner bd too is what i come up with for now. 

Okay so what i know about these classes is:

kfm- cant cc them everytime they have the agility buff, if they ss then that means they will jump on me or approach me if their lmb kd

destro- cant cc them when they stand in burning ground or red spin

warden- cant cc them when they have resilience and their circle on

and thats about it. I mean wardens dont even cc and still kill me in 3 hits like the ranged class that they are so yeah.  I loose so much against kfms i literally just wanna go afk the whole match but i also sometimes dont wanna give them a quick win just bc they are op against mainly summoners so then i just waste their time and make them hit my counter all the time until the timer runs out or i rage quit and derank from gold to bronze so i can stomp on lower ppl yes i  know its depressing but fighting those classes feel like im the one getting stomped on. 

I just dont know how to deal with these classes and its impossible to predict them since kfms and destros i cannot cc easy at all cause of their spin or their agility so yea.. if kfms agility runs out they will either ice sheath or use some resist bs.

and now sf.. even harder than kfm.. they use their ground punch stun thing and frost storm to bait my escape but the problem is that frost storm cd is shorter than the cd for my escape how am i supposed to compete with that? Every sf i fight i see them put on their immunity first thing and punch the ground and boom im dead or they will shoot something at me which will stun me and then they will get close hit me and do their ground punch knockback instantly frost storm and if i have not tabbed out by then then im already dead and if i have tabbed out they will just go close to me and frost storm again without ccing me and then im dead cause im not fast enough to run from it. Why does frost storm have such short cd even ... its so unfair same with their double air that takes 50% of my hp 

bd - spin spin cannot cc cause of deflect if i manage to kd him i cannot cc him again cause he will just start spinning before i even manage to hit my daze or stun. 


Just let me know how to deal with this

and yea i know summ is op too but tbh its only op when their play time crits otherwise they are dead meat

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hmmm, lets break down this

- KFM, rush stun have same cooldown with you F roll, so save your F roll for it, if you get stun by tremor or rising dragon use  tab escape if you think it's dangerous, don't use tab escape if he use knockdown use 1 or 2,

the best way to fight kfm is to break his leg (disable approach skill)

use earth summ, he only have SS and E to clear buff, once he use his tab escape, he is dead meat once your pet pin him down


- for destro, it's really tricky... even now i have trouble againts this class
well, use KD and pin him

and warden, yes they CC imune in that cirlce but they're not damage imune, pull your cat back, stand outside the circle and spam your attack


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