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Light it up! That's the path of Bongmoon!


I'm known as Amy or Trip in real life and I've been playing this game for a couple years I believe. My main toon on here is a shadow warlock called trpnballs. I also have other alts, such as theycallmecrybaby, my shadow assassin and Melanie Martinez tribute, BetterthanErza, my warden who was modeled after Erza Scarlet, diamondblossom, my Kerli tribute, and LycantheBitey, my Blade Dancer.

We're marked as a competitive clan for the extra benefits, but we personally don't do PvP all that much but we welcome any and all who are willing to give this a shot. We're laid back, friendly and flexible, but we also believe in an eye for an eye. Meaning we treat other players how they treat us. Clan rank 4, working our way up. Message trpnballs or Fayana in game =) Any questions just ask us here. =)


Discord tag: trpnballs#1657. Come join me!

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