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Can we please have a [6 VS 6] PVP Event?

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Hello, In the past NC had a WWV 6 vs 6 pvp event it was amazing you could farm battlepoints & use those battlepoints to buy items like gems & outfits, I was wondering if you could please make a new 6 vs 6 PVP event that involves WWV,Beluga,Novacore. I farmed all my pvp gear I would love to actually use it on a PVP event that is NOT arena based.(Only 6 vs 6 pvp)


Old event was called "Gift of the Winds" https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/gift-of-the-winds-event-now-live/

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No thanks.


First 6v6 event was when OP soul and pet was not yet released. It was actually fun, but also attracted a lot of afkers.


Arena PvP event was so-so. By gating PvE rewards behind pvp dailies (nebula stones, oils...), it encouraged a lot of afkers, both 1v1 and 3v3, mainly cuz PvE people did not have any interest to actually learn about pvp. After the event passed, arena pvp went to to its usual state.


So, if you want to make a pvp event, go ahead, as long as you make it pvp relevant only like helping pvpers to upgrade their pvp gear. Don't freaking gate PvE rewards to them and hope that it will make pvp scene lively for a while by attracting some PvE players. PvE players really hate that.


If you don't want to have your normal 6v6 or pvp ruined, don't try to lure in pve players. They will do everything to make their efforts in pvp as minimal as possible, including afking a lot.


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I try to be pretty open minded, but even for me this is a big huge NO THANK YOU!!


The gap between fully geared 6v6 players and the average players who don't pvp and would just be trying to do it for the event is just way way WAY too huge. It would literally be leading a bunch of cattle in for slaughter.


No part of it would be skill-based whatsoever. No part of it. Not even one part-people would load in, drop dead, and get kek'd at live via like 5 different twitch streams. Which is another problem in itself-people can't even get into trying to pvp without getting a bunch of insults mumbled about them via streams, people whipping open F2s and calling people all kinds of names for not having ~perfect gear. 6v6 is a trashy mess, only way it could work is if some sort of equalization was done so that at least everyone had a fair shot but the earths core would freeze and the planet would explode before that happened so.

I personally like Grims idea.

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