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Help for a newbie

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Hi, I would like to give this game a try but I need some one or a clan basically help me / introduce the game to me. 
Like How can I do crafting, get a mount, what quest should I do first, how to enter PvP, how to find rare spawns etc.


Any help is appreciated. If you contact me in game that is so much helpful for me. 

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For starters:


There are no mounts, there are no rare spawn (there are "bosses" in the world, but killing them is a waste of time as you dont get anything for it)

Now first just focus on the story, so do your yellow quests, and purple quests that popup in the quest letter. then do the orange ones once you finish story you will have the basic starter equipment and you can go from there.


Try also asking in game chat for a clan.

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