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Can cat outfit set of RNG outfit box be sold on F10 instead?

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Normally, a cat outfit set costs like 600 Ncoin/HMcoin on F10.


For the current Ninja Tortoise outfit box, to get a cat set , you need to get 12 tokens. Assuming you have worst luck and only get 1-token outfit from those boxes, you need to buy 12 boxes. So it is either 1,320 Ncoin (10-box option with discount + 2 other boxes), or 1,440 Hmcoin. This price is way too expensive for an outfit cat set.


So yeah, I think outfit cat set should be cheaper. Only summoner class buys cat outfits anyway, and if it is too expensive, they rather save coins instead. Either make them cost for the price of only 5-6 RNG outfit box (600-720 Ncoin/HMcoin) in total, or sell them at like 600 Ncoin/HMcoin on F10, like every other cat outfits.

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