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No Pink Tinted Glasses?

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Just a thought has came through my mind, as i have noticed that there is not a chance to get the part of the Love Doctor/Heart Surgeon outfit, the face adornment "Pink Tinted Glasses", while not wanting to brag or anything, i mean, we can finally get the main outfit (and way more) without the need of premium currency, which is nice, BUT ...still, id like to see re-appearance of this item in F10 (or thru event?).
I have also noticed that this item along with the "Bunny Ears" were not initially listed in the event notes, despite that the glasses are part of the set...(Bunny Ears can, and always could have been bought from F10, which means there is a way to complete the set, but the Love Doctor/Heart Surgeon...kinda can't, for those who don't have them) 


Especially since the last boxes gave out pink-themed outfits, which would totally benefit from this face adornment...


Please, is there any chance of seeing it in F10 or in event reward tab?

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