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Purple gear and low level dungeons

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Are there any plans on removing these gear from legendary breakthrough? Or just plain removing the low level dungeons from all progression. No one runs these stuff anymore. My alt can't even hope to finish the freebie peaches quest. It doesn't help that the awakened black dawn ring isn't even allowed as a breakthrough material. I don't remember these dungeons ever showing up for dailies either.

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I like old dungeons and i want them to stay but i think like the gap between new players and older ones is too big. I feel like the game should provide a started pack to all players who have finished the story with decent gear though that would just be too easy.. and the thing is with story gear you can only ever think of running super old dungeons that give 1g per daily which is not enough gold income per day to gear up quick enough to do the more regular sungeons such as Ssm and up.. i see all the time ppl with aransu coming in with stage 3 bracelet.. i feel like this needs to change 

for new players getting the 10 gold for the 1 leg jewel to upgrade their bracelet is hard when all the dungeons they can do give only 1g per quest. So i kind of feel like players should be provided with a stage 10 bracelet from the start or make it so you can farm the jewels from basin. 

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