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Fire Fm Fused Badge

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My Fm is full VT ss and A6 going on A9 and starting to learn TT.  I have only one question. When i first did it most of the Fire FMs were using ancestral soul badge. I no longer see many using it. A lot of FMs equivalent to my gear is pushing 400-500k dps while im pushing 300-350k i can hit a lot higher with black wing and blue buff but it drops off really fast after. I dont believe it is ping related as my ping is normally 80-120 (i know not perfect ping but relatively decent) in bt and vt and actually less outside of the raid.  Is there a specific fused badge that is better than the ancestral which i am using? There are other reasons i know i need to improve on my gear that will help my dps but i was wondering if changing the fused badge would help that as well.


thank you for your responses


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