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When do you plan to fix the Wind DMG in summoner?

Nhessa Luna

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I've been playing for a long time and I'm still waiting for someone to take matters into their own hands with this, how is it possible that I have a very good team and still keep doing such a low DPS? I'm thinking about leaving the game just for this! since I feel that the game makers do not take this seriously, they just say "you must have less ping or change to land" as if that were done overnight, that takes months and I already invested a lot of time, months in having the equipment that I have and by MS is not since there are players who play with 250 ~ 300 Ms and do more DPS than me just for having a class like the Gunner for example that with Raven 3 they are already for the 300k DPS fire or shadow.

I play with 180 ~ 200 Ms and do the rotations and even so I do not overcome the 300K of DPS, here I leave an image of my DPS And the link so that they can check my character and so you can see for yourselves how bad this game is with your Elementary DMG, what a joke ...
DPS and MS image test here

My summoner in BnSTree

"The gems are all octagonal" using them I get to 1400 AP if they notice only "1300AP" is because the gems are in an alternate character.

With Force Master and Warlock something similar happened and they fixed it, I hope they take the matter, for that I spend my time and money in this game as well. Thank you.



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Lo0oking at your gear i think you are doing something wrong. A clan member of mine has practically the same gear  (his hear is maxed and soul is at tiget stage) but with doing a parse in F12 on Moyun he does 600-700k DPS.


So, either your connection is screwed up or your rotation is just bad. wind summoners have 300k DPs with much less gear than you. And there is no problem with wins summoner damage as i know several who have no problems dpsing in the high 600-1mil+


what you can try:

sometimes there is a bug after upgrading, you need to unequip all your gear, soulshields and costumes and equip them again. also i see you are using Bees move 3 - thats another issue. that move is PVP not PVE. Use bees move 1.

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