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So are you never going to fix the Bug Bomb? HQ is taking too long to clear with inexperienced and low-geared people because phase3 takes too damn long. Phase3 normally starts at around 45%. She will heal another ~10% from the adds she spawns. So basically phase3 is more than 50% her hp. Thats 600m+ dmg. Without people in mid and with raven-geared people its almost impossible to do. With perfect kds and driving close to center you can fight her for about 5mins before she enrages. Assuming all 12 people are alive all the time you would need 170k+ average dps while driving all the time and killing spiders when they spawn. Thats completely bullshit for the intended level of people required to kill this. Either remove it again or change it to how it used to be, allowing you to have people in mid, because now 90% of the time bug bomb goes on mid and no specific player, therefore all 3(and also meelees dpsing HQ when driving close) have to go away from mid and in again, thus resulting in actual dps loss and not increase by being in mid due to the debuff...

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+1 to this. This is one of those things making players just feel done with the game. Considering the overall profits from this game, it's astonishing how the developers are at times worse than an indie-company.


Blade & Soul has been published and localized for China, Japan, Taiwan, North America, Europe, Russia, and Vietnam, while also topping many lists counting the best MMORPG's on market, and yet they apparently don't have enough staff working on the game to copy-paste the code from before the Theater of Mystery patch. All the intended changes in the Hive Queen encounter was to the Fallen Spiders and Frenzied Mites (which I found to make it more difficult, but nevermind that), namely:

  • Reduced the HP of Fallen Spider and Frenzied Mite.
  • Increase the damage caused when defeating Frenzied Mite.
  • Frenzied Mite now move towards their target when attacked.

Nothing about the intended changes were to the Hive Queen boss, so how long it's taking to simply go back to the actual boss's code and remove the Infestation mechanic is baffling. Spending hundreds or thousands on NCoin for godawful RNG-boxes suddenly doesn't feel justified.

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