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Hongmoon point system and pets

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Take a look at this gif


Do you know why the cat keeps zipping? Cuz the Summoner has +25 points to Speed (for travel purpose), but the speed only applies on the player, not their pet.


This makes me wonder why HM point system does not provide the same stat to the cat. Some would prove very useful to have, like Move Speed for cat to be able to chase after a moving target in 6v6 (or else, they will get lagged behind by the said target if they also have speed boost), or Health Regen for cat to survive better in poison/bleeding environment which they tend die very fast in.


Also, stat from HM point and its bonus (10-20-50-80-100-125 point) in offense and defense should be apply on the cat too, so that they become a bit better with more HP and some offense power. Obviously, their offense stats are still minimal, so it is more about their survival in raid/pvp.


Of course, such buff should be apply on Thrall too.


In future, I think having HM point bonus applying on pets are important, as both Summoner and Warlock have their 3rd spec focusing more on their pets. Assuming most of damage will coming from the pets themselves, then it would be strange for the bonus not applying on them.


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As a summoner, no they should not apply to the cat as the points have nothing to do with the cat. If the cat is too far away in 6v6 he will instantly port back to you.

Cat survivability all depends on how you manage your cat.

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