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It really comes down to the programmers. You want to see what the Unreal 4 engine looks like? City of Titans is using it. Hop over to cityoftitans.com and go to their news section. They have a number of videos from their testing and alpha trials. You'll get an idea of what this engine is capable of.

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The mobile version is also using ue4. But as stated above it could be good or bad depending on how the devs do. I’ve played about 2 games that updated from ue3 to 4 and the difference in graphics was noticeable. The character models looked more high quality, stuff like rain looked more realistic and actually gleamed on the character, shadows and lightning looked better overall, things looked more sharper and a few other stuff improved.


As far as performance like fps, spikes, ping, I didn’t notice much of a difference, it did feel a bit smoother to play than before but both games also already had good optimization before the update. BnS could be different.

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