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Make Blade And Soul Great Again

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Dear NCsoft,


Once more you make me sick because of this new disappointing patch... I really don't know were you want to go with this way that this game is going. Every time you do a Stream is just to make community sad. Has been a long time that you don’t announce something really good for the game ( the last thing I remember is the permanent merchant, but after 2 months you just nerfed it, and until today is not worth to farm him).


My point is not to criticis the new content but to disagree a lot of bugs, failed and obsolete systems that desolate the game.

This time instead just critic you I’ll show you a Patch note that was released in Blade and Soul Redit early this year.


I became shocked because at first was too good to be true because this patch was supposed to be the 3rd anniversary patch and when i realized that was a joke I still has had hope... But after that stream... OMG you just don’t know what you are doing.


Dream Patch Note that you should follow:

"Next Upcoming Patch Notes Leaked


Original Link

Important Note: This was privately leaked via a staff member that works at NCwest


Vault Update

   The final four rows of the Basic Vault are now unlockable

    A new tab is now available for all account bound items and can be accessed by all characters on the account

    A new tab is now available for premium membership subscribers, if premium membership expires, players can still withdraw items from this tab, but no longer put items into it.

Martial Tome Update

    You are now able to save complete builds with your martial tome, this now includes soul shields, accessories, weapon, and HM point distribution (as long as they are currently in your inventory, items not in your inventory will not switch)


New Graphical Option Update

    You are now able to replace all player models for the wooden training dummy character model in your graphical options (character's height will not translate to this model and races will not effect the model either). This is to aid those who have difficulty with graphical lag, or even in pvp situations so that other players are clearer to you)

    Players now have the option to disable skill damage numbers over their target completely.

    Players can now zoom  their camera further out than before.


Wardrobe Update

    All Common - Legendary weapons of your class can be stored in the wardrobe

    Clan outfit can now be stored


Solar Energy - Dragon Express Update

    The following items will be added to the dragon express for purchase with solar energy

        Legendary Element
        Legendary Jewel
        Divine Grace Stone
        Pentagonal Obsidian Gems
        Hexagonal Garnet
        Hexagonal Dueler Garnet
        Artisinal Shield Base
        Masterwork Shield Base
        Spicy Dumpling
        Mild Dumpling
        Imperial Soju
        Dokkaebi Soju
        Champion's Charm
        Legendary Gem Hammer
        Clarity Charm
        Evolved Stone
        Demon Spirit Stone
        Hongmoon Cool down Reset Charm
        Bloodstone Fragment
        Incinerator Stone
        Vengeance Orb


    Exchange Options are now available for the following items along with Solar Energy

        Black Stone > Silver Scale
        Silver Scale > Onyx Scale
        Raven King's Soul > Hive Queen Heart
        Blood Pearl > Sky Shadow Orb
        Sea Glass > Warforge Fragment


Soul Shield Fusion Update

    Soul shield pieces that you have fused with extra stats via primers can now be used as primers themselves, the only aspect that will transfer as a primer is the stats that were added via primer on the original soul shield piece


Transmutation  Update

    The following recipes will be added

        Premium Transformation Gem
        Pet Pack
        Sacred Vial
        Legendary Jewel
        Legendary Element
        Elixer of Madness
        Elixer of Protection
        Elixer of Resilience


More Dyad Gilded Gem Options increased



Hongmoon Store "Today's Specials" Update

    Every day an outfit (or bundle including adornments) will be in rotation


Celestial Basin  Update

    All Soul Badges except Legendary Soul Badges will be available for purchase using peaches

    Evolved Stone, Divine Grace Stone, and Demon Spirit Stone are now available for purchase with peaches


Tower of Infinity Update

    The npc's will now include the newer classes to the roster of available opponents. Along with an extended timer for each round which allows for greater forgiveness on times to clear and gain floors.

    Upon completing a run of Tower of Infinity, a new option for Retry has been added that will allow players to start a new run of Tower of Infinity without exiting and entering again.

 New Items to be purchasable via Tower of Infinity tokens

        Divine Grace Stone
        Evolved Stone
        Demon Spirit Stone
        Legendary Jewel
        Legendary Element
        Evolved Stone
        Bloodstone Fragment

    All Tower of Infinity tokens will be merged into one type of token and will be usable to purchase any Soul Badge


Training Arena Update

    All classes have been added to the roster

    The previous 3 star system has now been replaced with a 5 star system and rewards have been adjusted.

    A new achievement "Champion's Might" and new title "Champion" can now be earned by completing all stages of the Training Arena with 5 stars of each class.


New Account Bound Items

    Grand Celestial Wing
    Grand Celestial Steel
    Skyshadow Orb
    Warforge Fragment
    Onyx Scale
    Frostburn Orb
    Iron Conqueror Medallion
    Heart of the Great Thrall
    All Pet Auras
    All Souls
    All Hearts
    All Experience Charms
    Dragon Trade Pouch
    All unopened Weapon Chests
    Outfit Delivery Stamp      
    Celestial Basin Key Fragment
    Celestial Basin Key
    Mewtineer's Coin Piece

    Mewtineer's Coin
    Tranquility Emblem Fragment
    Tranquility Emblem
    Master Field Repair Tool
    Solar Energy


Ranked Season Update

    Season's will now last 3 weeks instead of 9 weeks

    Ranking rewards will also be updated and modernized to be more rewarding for players

    Ranking rewards will now give 3 different options of rewards and the player will choose which reward option best suits their needs

    Weekly Ranking rewards will now be based on your highest rank score that week

    Season Ranking rewards will now be based on your highest rank score that season

    Class Restrictions are now added to accounts, so that only 1 character of each class (the highest rank score) will receive weekly / season rewards per account in each given piece of ranked content


Quality of Life Update

    Upon logging in, you will always have at minimum 1 hp, and no longer ever log in dead and with 0 hp, this will help with those who may get disconnected from game while doing cross server content and need to rejoin quickly to their dungeon or battleground

    When upgrading items, the default selected option will be the next level of the item, rather than sometimes being a different path change for the item, this sometimes caused new players confusion and should reduce the amount of support tickets we receive for this problem

    All items that can be combined via processing (example: token fragments, blackstone fragments, mewtineer's Coin Pieces, etc) can be be returned to their original form by salvaging them

    Players can now accept and complete more quests daily

    Upon self reviving, players no longer will see a loading screen, and instead self revival will behave more so like that in battlegrounds.

    Players can now sprint while using autorun.

    More practice dummies have been added to Mushin's Tower, and now have the ability to be aerialed.

    Player Marketplace now will allow players to see items that are sold out, showing that zero are for sale, but players can still look up the purchase history now.

    Sprinting, Windwalking, and gliding speeds have been increased

    Stamina regeneration speed has been increased

    Animation and Delivery time speeds have been increased on all Wheel of Fates

    Respawn times of world monsters has been decreased, allowing faster respawns of world monsters

    Items will automatically stack instantly if the player already owns them, instead of alternating positions, or forcing inventory overflow

    Improved hit boxes, graphical representation, and collision detection for telegraphed attacks

    Telegraphed attacks now are color coded to show if a CC, and which type of CC is being used by a monster or boss.

    Further reductions in mailing costs for many items, including Gems


Tower Trader Kangcha Update

    Cost Reductions for the following items

        Divine Grace Stone
        Eternity Soul Badge
        Transcendence Soul Badge


    You can now purchase the following items with Mewtineer Coins

        Excellent Hongmoon XP Charm
        Ordinary Experience Charm
        Transcendence Engine
        Evolved Stone


New Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Many of you may remember the Poharan Event regarding the equalized stats and full original mechanics of Blackram Supply Chain. We have heard your feedback and love for this event and we are now introducing a new dungeon mode with this concept.


Legacy Difficulty Mode

        All original mechanics of every dungeon available in cross server combined with equalized stats that are practical but challenging for that dungeon. You can once again relive the same feelings you felt with your friends as if it were freshly released. The dungeons will have similar loot tables to hard mode difficulty. All epic grade dungeons using this new Legacy Difficulty Mode will also have a chance for Merchant of Wonder to spawn. Along with each completion of these dungeons will give you Legacy Token Fragments, which can be combined to create Legacy Tokens, and can be spent via Dragon Trade Union's Junsorei Coin Exchange Merchant NPC to purchase many useful items for all players of varying needs. This content is challenging and the rewards are reflective of this.

Arena Updates

    When any round begins, players will be placed into the arena area and are unable to move for 10 seconds while a countdown occurs to unlocking both opponents ability to move and use skills at the reach of 0.

    3v3 Tag Match class restriction now applied that only 2 of the same class may be on a single team

    3v3 Tag Match spectator mode is now available

       Spectate menu option now includes a tab for your friends that may be in an arena match

    Additional Zen Beans will be rewarded upon win streaks, the greater the win streak, the more zen beans rewarded

    A new determining method will be used for solving who wins a Timed Out match. It will be determined with a calculation that takes your damage, final HP, and time of certain HP thresholds into consideration. We believe this will better accurately decide who should deserve a round win more so than the current system that is purely based on damage.


New Arena Mode - 2v2 Brawl Match

        A new 2v2 Brawl arena mode is now available. This arena mode allows for 2 players to fight 2 opponents at the same time without tagging in or out.

        Spectator mode for 2v2 Brawl is now available.

        2v2 Brawl is now weekly ranked and season ranked.


 New Arena Mode - 1v1 Unleashed Match

        A new 1v1 arena mode that uses your full character's ability, all gear and stats are considered in this arena mode. Item use is still restricted.

        Spectator mode for 1v1 Unleashed is now available.

          1v1 Unleashed is now weekly ranked and season ranked.

    Cost reductions for items purchased with zen beans that are needed for Hongmoon Skills


Battlegrounds Update

    Spectator mode now available for 6v6, each player in a match may have 1 spectator who can spectate them.

    Option to disable a spectator for yourself is now available

    Class restrictions now apply, only 2 players of the same class may be on a single full team.

    Nova Core first orb direction is now random, it now can go either north or south, and will alternate back and forth between those two directions for every proceeding orb following.

    The buff briefly applied in certain battleground modes capturing an objective is currently giving a positive feedback loop that enables a team to cause more overwhelming wins that originally intended. Instead the momentary buff will now be given to the team that loses an objective. This gives them a small moment where their current disadvantage doesn't become an even greater disadvantage. This will help make battleground matches more interesting and the intention is to not give an already superior team an even greater advantage.


New Battlegrounds Mode - Equalizer Mode

        A randomized map is determined between the available options, and the players are now subject to predetermined stats / gear, similar to arena. Equipped items will not be considered, but the equalized gear and stats that the players will be set to will make sense for the class and their spec. Battle point rewards will be less than the other battleground modes, but with greater weekly and seasonal rewards as compensation.

    The window allotted for rejoining a battleground team is increased upon reconnecting.

    New punishment scales have been introduced for being disconnected when a match ends, a new 20 and 40 minute punishment has been added between the 5 and 60 minute punishments.

    The following items can be purchased with battle points from Battleground Trader Eosin Coin Exchange Merchant

        Skyshatter Ring Stage 1
        Skypearl Earring Stage 1
        Skysunder Necklace Stage 1

       Battleground Soul Shield Chests, Ivory Beluga Soul Shield Chests, and Nova Core Soul Shield Chests cost reductions

    Whirlwind's Psyche, Beluga's Psyche, and Nova Core's Psyche cost reductions

    Hexagonal Dueler Garnet cost reduction

    Cost reductions for items purchased with battle points that are needed for Hongmoon Skills

    Additional battle points will be rewarded upon win streaks, the greater the win streak, the more battle points rewarded

    Fixed issue where objectives would sometimes be glitched in a way that made them unable to be completed.

    Battle points will now also be a part of daily quest rewards for battlegrounds.


Legendary Soul Shield Update

    Critical Damage is now a stat available on Legendary Raid Soul Shields

    Debuff Defense is now a stat available on Battleground Soul Shields

    Debuff Damage is now a stat available on Battleground Soul Shields

    HP stat bonus significantly increased on 8 set bonus for Battleground Soul Shields

    Debuff Defense stat added to Elite and Avenging Battleground 8 set bonus

    AoE Defense stat added to Elite and Avenging Battleground 8 set bonus


Pvp Legendary Accessory Update

    Awakening Stages now give more increased stats as the previous stat increase was found by the community to not be worth upgrading

    6 set bonus has been added that grants additional HP, Debuff Defense, Debuff Damage, AoE Defense, and Critical Defense


Solo Dungeon Update

    Mushin's Tower Floor 20 now has increased drop rate of Yunsang Prayer Beads

    Outlaw Island now has increased drop rate of Mewtineer's Coins

    Circle of Sundering now has increased drop rate of Tranquility Emblems


New Legendary Item Slot Update

    Nova Star - this item is now available and a new item slot is opened for it to be used. This item is triggered on command with a new hotkey command. A list of upgrade costs will be released shortly.


New Apprentice System Update

    Players can now request another player to be an apprentice of them using the right click context menu. There is a limit of 2 apprentices per master. Apprentices will gain additional experience from quests and combat when their master is in the same party and within range. Masters will gain additional dynamic rewards when completing dungeons in the same party and within range of their apprentice. These rewards will vary depending on the dungeon.


Outfit Customization Update

    Many more outfits are now available for customization, including previous outfits and new outfits.

Clan Outfit Update

    5 new clan outfits are available for clan's to create and use.

Daily Dash Update

    You now have 3 options to choose from on each landed piece of the Daily Dash, this is to allow players to get items that are more useful to them, as new players may not need some of the later content items yet, and veteran players may not need the early game items as much.

Legendary Soul Badges Update

    Previously each class has Soul Badges that were designed for pvp, but currently have no Legendary version. Legendary versions of these soul badges now exist, and their awakened stages now grant additional stats more relevant to pvp as well. Awakening of these pvp Legendary Soul Badges now grants pvp attack power, and debuff damage.

Pet Tags Update

    We previously temporarily released pet tags and elite pet tags. We are now allowing this as a normal feature, and not temporarily tied to specific pet pouch events.


Cross Server Lobby Update

    When in cross server, the group recruitment areas now has an option to filter out normal, hard, or legacy mode dungeons.

    Players can no longer join party lobbies in cross server when they do not meet the requirements to actually do the dungeon. This is based on the currently active recruitment message, and based on whether the player is locked out of the dungeon for any reason. Players currently in the lobby when a dungeon recruitment message is selected, if they do not meet the requirements, then they will be automatically removed from the lobby.

    Emotes can now be used when waiting in lobby

    Fixed issue where players were invisible in lobby


Gear Upgrade Update

    Currently the way gear upgrades typically work is you invest into upgrading for several stages and then at a certain point in the upgrading process you get a large increase in stats all of a sudden. We've found that this is tending to lead to players ignoring crucial pieces of gear in their upgrading process. All up-gradable major pieces of gear will now have adjustments made to when and how the stats and effects are increased. From now own, the stats and effects will not be granted solely on a single upgrade stage while the other stages do very little. The stats and effects will now be divided more equally throughout the upgrading process, with the end results still leaving the same stats and effects. This will exclude tier upgrades when brand new stats or effects are granted to an item. We hope that this will encourage players to upgrade their gear more equally, as each stage should grant a noticeable improvement to your characters stats or ability. A full list of each change will be released shortly.


Legendary Dungeon / Raid Update

    All major bosses will now drop 1 soul shield of each class upon death

    Soul shield purchases are adjusted both in price and requirements, allowing players to get soul shields a bit easier

    Bosses now drop a box that when opened allows the player to select among the available options which item they want from it. Restrictions of which boss gives which items is still active, but now players have the option to choose which of the items they need. This applies strictly to accessory and weapon upgrade material.

    Raid Revival Charms have shorter cool down times now

    Hive Queen's bug bomb has been removed again


UI Customization Update

    Greater control over your UI is now available. You may now decide were skill and item cool down timers show on the screen individually. This allows players to place particular important skill or item cool down timers in very visible places for them, and less important timers elsewhere, or even hide them entirely off screen. Adjusting the scale of each element is now possible as well.

Simple Mode Update

    Players are now are able to edit and create your own strings and situational conditions using our new Simple Mode System. It does have limitations, but we do hope players will find it useful for simple tasks.


Warlock Thrall Customization Update

    A new system that allows players to customize their warlock thrall's color, name, and even vanity skins.


Force Master Ribbon Customization Update

    Force Master's are now able to customize the color or pattern of their ribbon for their bangle using chromatic threads.


BNS TV Update

    Players now have the ability to scale the window for BNS TV freely however large or small they may like.


New Skill Update

    All races now have a unique aerial escape, this skill does no damage or CC, but does allow each class to escape from an aerial. This skill can not be reset by any means and has a 1 minute 30 second cool down time. Each race has a unique animation that pays homage to each of their origins. Lyn has a kirin that saves them from aerial. Gon has a dragon that saves them from aerial. Yun has a phoenix that saves them from aerial. Jin has a turtle that saves them from aerial. We believe this adds a bit of uniqueness to each class/race combination, but also gives players an option to use in critical situations for both pve and pvp.


Player Inspection Update

    You will now be able to view another players achievement and achievement points.

Skill Visual Update

    3 new NA / EU exclusive Skill Visual Skins are now available


New Hongmoon Skill Update

    Classes with currently unlockable hongmoon skills will now have access to unlocking this hongmoon skill. By using the new item "Hongmoon Advancement Scroll" that is available for purchase via zen beans or battle points, players will unlock this final hongmoon skill.


Hongmoon Training Room Update

    The list of dungeon bosses you can train on has been updated

    Training Dummy has been added to the list of training options

    Players now have a illusion training mode they have access to which allows them to choose any gear in the game that their class can equip to further practice future rotations, or to discover which gear they should focus on or upgrade or choose. When illusion training mode is active, the DPS meter color will change to blue instead of green, and the boss's name will have the word "illusion" placed before it.


RNG Transparency Update

    All items that show a "%" symbol in it's context description, will now show percentage numbers as well. Items that are less than 1% chance will show "<1%". We understand rng can be a bit frustrating at times, but we hope that at least settings expectations properly will relieve this feeling a great deal.


New Loot Distribution Option Update

    Blind Bid - With a window of time, players can enter a bid amount into the bidding system, and other players can not see other's bids. The winner will be the highest bidder, and the item will be automatically distributed to them, while the gold will be distributed among the rest of the party.

    Necessity - players will be given a window of time to select whether they Need, Want, or Pass on an item. Need has a higher priority than want. If multiple players selected need, rng will decide among those who chose need. If no players chose need, and only players left chose want, then rng will decide among them who will receive the item.


Crafting Update

    Characters can now learn 3 crafting guilds instead of only 2

    Crafting recipes have been adjusted to better reflect their demand, usefulness, and access. A list of these changes will be released shortly.


Reporting Players Update

    An option for reporting players that are afking in battlegrounds or arena is now available.


Currency Exchange Update

    There is no longer fees


Login Rewards Update

    Players get 3 options for each of the rewards they receive, so that rewards can be more catered to a players needs.

More information regarding this update will be released soon!"

Actually I don’t know who was the main writer so don’t know who own the credits, but thanks wherever you are for this, community and I hope that NCsoft listen us.


Liika ~


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The merchant was never a permanent thing for hardmodes. He had a "higher" spawn rate but as more dungeons came it went down a bit.


As fro those dream patch notes, as much as they are nice, they are dumb, would completely ruin the grind aspect of this game and make it even more boring (right now its not so much boring as ...i'd use the word tedious). THose dream notes are basically asking for free handout of everything.

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4 hours ago, Grimoir said:

The merchant was never a permanent thing for hardmodes. He had a "higher" spawn rate but as more dungeons came it went down a bit.


As fro those dream patch notes, as much as they are nice, they are dumb, would completely ruin the grind aspect of this game and make it even more boring (right now its not so much boring as ...i'd use the word tedious). THose dream notes are basically asking for free handout of everything.

these patch notes are perfect, and you find a problem lol....


anyways if they take 2 2s from this like arena black screen death from bg would be nice

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Wow there @Bliiz I think you got a huuuge misunderstanding. That think you listed was NOT an official letter. This was a gigantic Wishlist made on reddit.

here is the thread with its title updated: 

So all that hope was a lie sorry to break it down

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Y'all have to remember we're dealing with NCsoft. I've never known them to actually listen to player's input. Like EA, their decisions are motivated by their profit margins. They'll shutdown an established game (City of Heroes) for another in a moment if their financial predictions indicate there's more money to be made than continuing with the one they're currently running. This isn't a slight against the company, it is an observation on how they operate. I doubt even if a large majority of the player base voted with their wallets they'd make changes.


I believe the only way to get their attention for changes is to continually bring to their attention the issues at hand; however, not just here. There are other avenues to bring to their attention the concerns and problems we're facing on a daily basis. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are other avenues and I'm sure there are others. The key is to keep these issues inf front of them. However, they must be done in a friendly and contrite manner without any insults, degrading, or foulness that is normally associated with anger and frustrations felt by the player base.


Here alone the message is somewhat muted as only a small percentage of the player base come here and the public do not see it. On the others I shared, those are open to the public and available to anyone to see, especially if they are trending. When these issues are shown publicly, a company (any company) has to respond or it could bring them unwanted bad publicity. No company ever wants to suffer that because it affects their profit margins...bad public perceptions cause issues that are hard to overcome if they don't act to remedy the issues under the spotlight.


Just keep bring up these issues in all platforms available and keep sending tickets in where problems arise that require their attention to remedy the problems for you. Remember, be friendly and contrite, not combative, threatening (like I'll quit, you'll not get anymore money) or argumentative. Do not make it personal either as it will undermine your position and points you're trying to make. These are my recommendation to see some real changes made.

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