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DST Challenge mode - A disapointment

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When this came out, I thought it would have a fair rewarding system.  A challenge that would actually reward players for hard content, who did the whole mechanics, only to find out that my group, who actually clared challenge mode doing conduction+red mask+white mask+conduction again+again red mask gets 25k points, while whales who probably don't even reach first red mask phase get 50k+ points. This game already has enough rewards for whales, who can skip content; solo content, ToI, 6v6 etc. For once, I thought I would see a good and fair dungeon challenge. But again, players get rewarded for bursting, instead of actually having the skill to do the whole mechanic as a group, which takes hours of practice. So other than our personal sense of achievement, we have literally wasted days of our life practicing for another bulshit dungeon who does not reward our skill. Thanks NcSoft, you did it again!

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This is actually a very good thing to bring up


When you think about it, basically everything in Blade and Soul as it is revolves around gear.

As said, solo content, ToI, 6v6, even raids to a certain extent.

None of those are skill related. Or I should say, that they can be! but the moment you hit a certain gear threshold, the amount of skill required falls drastically. This is where equalized things come in. Because in these things, it doesnt matter how much gear you have. You can't gear yourself out of the struggle..you have no choice but to clear based on how good you are at it.


I think for things like this, for Challenge mode...equalized gear stats would truly make it a challenge for everyone and ideally is the better route to go. It would get everyone in there trying, because their gear won't matter! So nothing other than the scarcity of orbs can hold them back. and if you don't make it to top group that's fine, because you'll know it wasn't because you werent rich enough to have better gear. That's significantly less discouraging! Sure one could go, "well that group did better because they had X Y Z class" Good! Strategize better! All classes are useful in different ways! If players can just burst through with overpowered dps, where's the challenge in that?


Where's the "Challenge" in "Challenge mode" if your gear is what determines whether or not you can achieve the top score?

If it's your gear, then most players go "tch!!!" and don't bother! and then it becomes 6v6/ToI/Solo all over again with the same exact players battling it out for the top spot and everyone else going "ahhh im bored". "Why not go challenge mode?"  "I dont have enough money"


Or at the very least, please consider more equalized challenge related content in the future. Give players opportunity to play your game. ALL players. Because all players are potential long lasting customers. They just need the chance to get to do more other than farm for gear!! Thanks. (Also yes I'm aware the battle royale mode will be equalized, but we dont have that yet)

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At least you had the right class to even get a challenge mode party. All my maxed out TT gear, psyches, w/e didn't matter one bit cos my friends tell me that my class isn't suitable for challenge mode for best points.  So they ditch me. And I doubt this will change at all in the future challenge modes. Very demotivating if the challenge mode point system is designed in such way that my only options to join a competitive challenge mode group is to reroll my class... But at this point to gear up another class to such high gear, all for the sake of doing challenge mode doesn't seem like worth my money or time anymore.

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On 12/01/2019 at 12:17 PM, DrindiX said:

Imo such Challenge dungeons should have gear scaled to a certain point like in the old Poharan Event.

Yes, Gear Scale, and let's see how people rage in Desolate tomb like in good oltimes.
hmm what was it again...
232 323 232 :D:

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Challenge Mode doesn't encourage whale DPS. In fact, whale has to hold their DPS in order to go through every mech phase so that they earn most of the points. It has RNG element mixing in about how much points you can earn, and it requires specific class combination for the best point earning.

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If you did 4 or 5 phases, you should be at 40k+ points. Whaling down the boss with mediocre mechs will yield like 25k.


DPS is nothing in this dungeon, you actually need to stop DPS for a while because mechs give more points than speed killing. 

For example, we get 5,3k points for the first red mask phase - how many points do you get?


With a perfect setup, you can probably reach like 45k-50k points.

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