Clan [Umbrella Emperors] recruiting (Crimson Legion)

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Server: Jinsoyun

Faction: Crimson Legion

Rank: 8

We are a small, mainly english speaking clan, a family, looking for some crazy people to have fun and chill with. We offer a friendly atmosphere, where you can always be sure of finding help and definitely a spot in various events. Our requirements are set relatively low, we don't need to be a whale aquarium. Just be cool, preferably daily active main and carry around enough brain cells to do and/or learn mechs. We are simply looking for good buddies to fill our ranks, who can (eventually) be a static in both BT (currently running on Sundays - depends on clan vote) and VT (currently running on Friday-Sunday), aren't scared of clan bgs and of any other F U N.

Feel free to pm either:

  1. me (Discord tag: CrimsonCloud#1336, In Game Name: CrimsonCloud) usually online at CET 19:00 - 22:00
  2. @Kyounan (Discord tag: Kyounan#8141, In Game Name: Kyounan) usually online at CET 19:00 - 22:00
  3. @Daisy (Discord tag: Daisy#5377, In Game Name: DaisyDarko ) usually online at random times :)

if you are interested~

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