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Free up some wep skins for 2019?

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Is it possible we could get back the event that gave us the weapon skins on the in game market but with some other weapon skins? There are a few weapon skins that I havent been seeing very often and it would be nice if they made a return in the game. Some of honorable mention: Doomsday, Peacemaker, Rosethorn, Ragewater, Shockcollar, Seraph Illusion, Samurai weapon box and an urban legend weapon box would be nice.

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Rosethorn  - was an RNG even weapon skin

Seraph - was part of trove

Peacemaker - Its a drop from TT and the halls


Shockcollar was a few times in F10 just wait it will come back

Ragewater didnt see it again in F10 for a while.

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On 1/7/2019 at 5:43 PM, Kitsune Takahashi said:

Personally I think we should be able to buy most if not all of the weapons we get from story for naryu coin again in case we discarded or otherwise misplaced them. (example SaberSteel Razor).

I'd be okay with that, and it would be even better if we can store them in the Weapon Showroom. Currently my Sabersteel weapon skin and a bunch of other weapon skins (like from the Wheels of Fate) can't be stored there.

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