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hello there ,


I am a warlock and I have got the dynasty mystic badge 5 months ago which was for bw


I logged in this week and I find that my badge is expired (fine i can exchange it )

I jsut notice that there is no exchange tap in the merchant that they names cuz the duration which I didnt even knwo where it starts or end finsh.....

now I have the expired dyansty badge which gives bw and shadow effect

well I am a frost player so I want the aransu one


jsut like any regualr player 

I massaged the support to exchange my badge from dynasty to aransu many times and they didnt exchange it


also I wanted to at least get my iron conquer medatalion to buy the aransu again , and they said we cant too


what is the mistake I did to get this ?


I hope u can give me a solution for this ......................


all dear GM

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