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Cannot create PIN

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Just wanted to start off by saying this is the first time I downloaded this game.  In my first attempt to play, I am greeted by a screen asking me for my six digit PIN.  Weird thing is, I was never prompted to create one in the first place.  I tried relaunching the game several times and the issue did not resolve itself.   Is this a bug?


I briefly looked other areas of the forums, and someone mentioned to change it to the 32-bit version in the settings (I was greeted by another error).  


The launcher downloaded the latest update (I think version 114).  Any ideas/suggestions.

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If you do not remember the current PIN listed on your NC Account and need a Character PIN reset, you will need to contact Support. To do so, click the "Submit a Ticket" button and select the "Login/Password Issue" from the list. 


Thank you!

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