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BNS Newb here, got some questions.

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Heyo, im kinda new in BNS, i played a bit few years ago, but now i decided to give it a fair shot. I have some questions if some of you ud be so kind to answer them

1) Could i get a list of classes from strongest to weakest? ill do my research based on that, ive watched some videos but i dont see any movies from 2018 and i guess alot have changed?
2) how are Summoners, warlocks , soul fighters, blade dancers, and destroyers and gunslingers atm? ive mostly interested in those and how they perform in pve and pvp
3) what is the end game of BNS?
4) how important is pvp?
5) few words about gear upgrading would be nice too
6) what is easy mode?

cheers and thx for answers

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1. all classes are strong. The strength depends on gear, ping and brain power.

2. All those perform very good in PVP and PVE. Each of them however has their own purpose.

3. Raids and gear upgrading.

4. Some materials for crafting can only come from PVP.

5. you farm the gear, upgrade it, wait till new comes out and repeat. Not sure what words you are looking for here.

6.You mean simplified mode, its a built in macro in the game that has certain skill chains setup. Its crap for most classes.

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Destroyer main here.

You will expect lots of fun with destroyer

reason why:

All classes beside BD and destroyer have something similar, they lack of flexibility. As an example, with blade master and kfm, which have iframes that make them move easy such as when using ss/e, etc. They move super linear, left right down up.

Other classes barely have iframes and they have to move around while walking during fight stance


Destroyer in the other hand has all. Destroyer has ss like everyone, but has the infamous TAB (hurricane) and can be speced for 3 options and all of them are useful always. I personally use hongmoon tier 1 Huriccane. Until you get the HG skill for it, the best is Hurricane tier 2. Massive defense buff instead of iframing attacks while you can freely move anywhere. This also blocks stuns, knockdowns and dazes. 


We also are all about CC. Our stone shield is of the most useful features. It can protect recovering chi members and make them inmmune to all, it also has party protect for you and your party members, or it can be a stunning weapon that also works as joint stun attack (you can stun 1 time every time you LMB while using it).


We got RAM *x2 insta stun skill joint) 1 (1 joint stun attack) stone shield spec (approx 4 stuns) 

4 (x1 knockdown) z (x1 knockdown ) knee tab when on hurricane (x1 daze) and non joint stun attack with typhoon

we can tank and we can do pve very well, on solo content we do amazing, and in PVP people fear us!

shadow build its perfect for pve, and for arena its better to go earth



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GS main.  Slingers are, if not at the top, very near the top in dps always in most situations.  For a newly returning player their ease of use should also be considered (compared to other much harder classes to play - i.e. sin).  It makes leveling a character painless.  They are also probably the most mobile with their hooks as well as the skystones they can iframe day and night.  They have SB/SF reset which is highly desirable in most parties and a must for some raids.  GS simple mode is very useful and needs little modification (if it could be modified).  The two elements for GS are fire and shadow.  Fire is a dps machine with much less concern about focus reset (once you get your soul that goes away completely) compared to shadow.  I've played them both and while shadow is sexy I much prefer fire.  Having said that fire accessories are very popular and thus more expensive to bid on or buy.   

While the class has been nerfed it still shines and is easily my favorite (and I play HM 18 characters in most classes).

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