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Three suggestions for future Trove (yeah, I won't stop making these)

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1) Remove Aransu Prisms from 3-star. Raven Prism too, if any. And any other high-quality useless trash that no one wants. They are not good reward. No, they are the worst reward ever. Even more useless than those worst one-star rolls with two 10k exp charms. The only thing you can get from them is either 5m EXP charm, the HM point scroll (big deal whale item that is useless unless you have 5 of them, lol), and frustration for wasting a 3-star rolls. Increasing the rate of getting 3-star rolls is not the EXCUSE to add more 3-star trash. I only have a single 3-star out of 300 keys, and guess which kind of roll I got.


2) We have "pity timer" for 2-star roll, where you accumulate points for 100% 2 or 3-star rolls. I think we should have another pity timer that based on the number of 2-3 star rolls, where it gives you 100% roll of 3-star roll. Assuming I spend an average of 30 keys to get a 100% 2-star roll, then when I spend an average of 150 keys, I should get a 100% 3-star rolls (require 5-10 2-star roll to get one 3-star). It will give a certain "goal" for people to spend more so that they can reach the prizes.


3) The milestone bonus should be changed into Trove currency. There are a lot of undesirable items in milestone bonus this trove, so the feeling of reaching them is meh. It is better if I can spend my accumulated trove points on what I want instead. For example, when I reach 300 keys used, I should be able to choose between 60 legendary jewels (5 points each), or 3 Grand Celestial Steel (300 points for 3), or 3 piece of Boss Mode outfit (100 points each piece, if I remember it right). This way, players will not feel that some rewards are just fillers and have more freedom to get what they want.

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All of these are very well thought out suggestions,  all of which will surely decrease their bottom line. So, don't hold your breath.


However, all of these complicated solutions are attempts to band-aid the underlying problem, which is the absolute dirt poor drop rates all across this game, trove most of all. None of these gimmicks would be needed, if the drop rates allowed for a reasonable chance at good loot to anyone who purchases any amount of keys. 


But, until people stop spending 2k USD on every terrible trove, NCSoft has no reason to change their setup. All hail the whale!

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