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Regarding of Silent Night outfit from event and from F10

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Here is Silent Night outfit and its Hat that I got from the very first Frozen Firing Range event (this game's first X-mas event).




As you can see, the event outfit cannot be mailed (or account-bound, whatever you want to call it), even up-to-date. And the hat is, for some reason, mail-able.


Now, let try to see what they offer with Silent Night outfit bundle from F10




The outfit is mail-able, while the hat is not.


It seems they mix up the code somewhere between event Silent Night and F10 Silent Night.




Another thing is that event Silent Night is the ONLY EVENT OUTFIT that cannot be mailed. When asking the question to Jonathan, he just said "It is intended by the developer's team".


It is extremely inconsistent, cuz every single other event outfit can be mailed with stamps. There are also F10 outfits that become obtain-able during events , and they are still mailable, unlike Silent Night. If you don't believe it, check your stockpile of Bronze/Silver Dummy outfits and head adornments. You will surprise that some of them are in Hongmoon Store section, cuz they used to be F10-only until the current events offer them for free.




This problem has persisted for two Christmas events, and continue to make through the third X-mas event.


I wonder if it KILLS to just make Silent Night outfit being account-bound. And no, I will never spend a penny on extra version of the outfit that I grinded hard and sacrifice other prizes to earn.




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