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The Founder Title (Recommend to Redesign)


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*Pops out of bush flipping out of nowhere with little Lynn Flag and Bugle half asleep and tipsy* This is simply an OuTRaGe *loses voice*. I want to feel special* stares at the few little of a crowd that remains*. Long ago when the dinosaurs realmed the at the time when WAIT WAIT don't leave

.....at a time when Poharan,Mushin,Icksooonoon servers were a thing  and more of course the time of the beginning when Poharan and Hae Mujin still kicked butt. Running wildly in the the sea pirated breeze fending off scary mobs and collecting perfumes. Waiting for the spawn without timers announcing to all what channel she or he would be available in next just then to be flooded or locked out and she being downed quickly.


HaVe yOu FoRgoTteN... the perils and strifes * Charges up lynn kick and kicks rock and hurts myself* OoooCHH! this pain is NoThInG compared to being suplexed by Hae Mujin or being laughed at mocked by those wickedly sadistic twin sisters blasting you into the fire all the while others party members laughed mercilessly at your clumsy attempts for victory. Just so that others can quit while we were so close or say and nag that this dungeon is to long.

But noooo we admired the beautiful views, resisted countless adventures one after the other. Amidst the folly of the fallen comrades who decided to go elsewhere for they had lost hope while you remain hongmoon STRONG and PROUD. We deserve justice and look cute while at it for Junghado's Sake* Throws a fireball at floor near you emitting a small ember of a glow* You want a piece of me buddy.... I've been doing this since beta * Drinks more* AnDD what do Weeee get to show for it NOTHING * HiC-up* * Begins to sings horridly* NooooBoddyy LUUVS meeeEEEE , Noooo Body CarressssSS while walking away into the sunset/dusk Can't tell


....murmurs to self I remember when the bamboo outfit was coool and nobody had them and that one determined DEV guy tried his best to make it available fo NA/EU...yeah that's right I said that resiliency goes along way literally. * Passes Out wth face in sand*        Bamboo%20Costume%201%20LG.jpg?_ga=2.6541

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16 hours ago, MCOnyx said:

I like this idea, been playing since closed beta and bought founder's pack, it's good the title is unique, but wearing it, doesn't make me glad I supported the game since start.

Especially now that people are walking around with nice and special titles, some of which are only obtainable if you're lucky with rng (sapphire wings, hongmoon feather) which is kinda stupid but ok. Why doesn't the hongmoon feather from premium subscription give nice and shiny title?


So support the game from start, support the game with subscription and get nothing special, but crit lucky in trove and you're running around with special title?

Definitely sends wrong message about supporting the game and being loyal...

Thank you for your support and please kindly share with your friends too.

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