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Blade and Soul - Mushin Story [SPOILER] + Chapter 10

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Be warned this contains spoilers about next chapter of current storyline.


As I menthioned before and even in game, much before the release of chapter 7,8,9,10, we already had blue quests that were removed and also back in 2016 a news letter explaining Jianshu story (aka continent of BnS)


It explains, most of blade and soul story falls in the Cinderlands, if you put attention in this big map, there are sunken boats in the sand, some wooden piers around naryu temple, and everything around says ''naryu, naryu!'' and ruins. Why? simple.


Mushin is descendant from the king Naryu, the strongers empire ever existed in Jiangshu, he is one ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (this word has been censored due to people using it as an insult oftenly, but the meaning of it is, the son resulting from the relation of a man and a woman that aren't married) in this case, the son of a yet unknown non related with Mu family woman and the naryu king. His brothers unlike him, had royal pure blood, and they always tried to make him look bad in the family, because he is a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, and also because he was the strongest of the brothers. The king didn't see him as a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, but still, his claim for the throne was near impossible.


Naryu had so much power since they devloped technologies that were so strong, that could rule the entire realm with it. They used soulstones as the main key to create these technologies.

Once a time in the cinderlands, they tried to go beyond the wall from creating, and they ended up opening a gate to the dark realm, and they met the dark lord. This was lost for the humanity, but Mushin, was able to seal the gates to the dark realm, but he ended up sealing himself in it. 

He is now back and consumed by power of dark realm and his past haunting him, make him want to become the strongest and the ruler as the true emperor of the naryu.


Naryu empire disappeared and only sealed instances, tombs and dungeons contain the automatons they created. 

Cinderland exploded entirely with this demon war, and it caused a total collapse of cinderlands. Becoming a big desert with ruins.


                                               :HajoonSurprised::HajoonSurprised:SPOILER ALERT:HajoonSurprised::HajoonSurprised:


In the next chapter, 10, we will see Jinsoyun returning to her adult form, but this time with pure and good soul as the new young Jiwan, along with the Mushin background story just stated above (just a part of it, not all, but the important details will be in there)

Dowager empress will end up dying, and her power will be transferred to Ryu, and in this case, will be detailed that a new strong antagonist will appear, a stronger version of the student Ryu. And his story and more details will appear in chapter 11. Which doesn't have a release date yet. Along with the end of the storyline, it will give very good amount of experience, and Mushin's old guardian costume (Mushin plate chest armor, from old naryu times, and mushin's current gold cloak).

In addition to a new raid including the dowager and new naryu instances!


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