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Allow to disable Familiar Skills already

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Familiars (Summoner's cat and Warlock's Thralls) should have their skills being able to disable.


For Summoner's, the cat spams "Roundabout" for every third auto-attack it does. The thing is when the cat spins it hammer, its response to command input becomes much less responsive.


For Warlock's, they have a choice between Nether Pulse (just do some damage) and Void Slash (air-launch). When a WL summon a Thrall, it will immediately use Nether Pulse, which an animation lock and makes Thrall refuse to respond to command (Soulburn, Stun), unless you waste an E to cancel its animation and put it in standby mode when it is now more willing to listen. You can opt out of this by go for Void Slash, but then Thrall will annoyingly air-launch CCed target, which maybe not a better solutions for some CC-sensitive cases.


All of these skills are currently not being able to disable cuz they are Familiar skills.

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