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Remove Pet Pack cost for upgrading pet skin

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Pet skin is already expensive and you need 3 of them for upgrading to ultimate. No point to add more burden by asking for 5 pet packs, which should have been used for upgrade Pet aura instead. In fact, it is extremely weird that upgrading cosmetic items ask for REAL upgrade materials.


Through events, players tend to accumulate oils and pet packs in one way or other. For oils, it will keep piling up until they can upgrade. For pet pack, they tend to flow into pet skins instead, thus players rarely accumulate enough to upgrade a stage after a long time, lest reaching the end of a tier. They will just wait until NCSoft provide upgrade cost reduction.


In future, there will be pet collection achievement will it offers stat bonuses. This will make collecting pets something more desirable to do, but every ultimate pet coming along with 400-500g worth of pet packs would discourage players from attempting to upgrading pet skin for achievement, cuz it is already costly to just get pets, especially rare pets.. More players want to upgrade pet skin = more demand on pet skins = more pet pouches sold. And players can actually save up pet pack from pouches for their pet aura, instead of just wasting them all on pet skins.

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the only pet I got to ultimate was the snow spirit and that's all it did cost me like 700g overall but it's pernament skin for me u.u

on the other hand what they should make is reduce the pet pods on upgrading a pet aura... It's almost unreal on how people got maxed aura on more than 1 character

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Completely agree with this. I wouldn't mind upgrading my pet to ultimate, but those pet packs/pods are expensive in the marketplace. They should be added to the Dragon Express (not just the event section), Celestial Basin shop, or have an easier method of obtaining them.

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