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Dreamsong Theater (HM): bug or intended?

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So yesterday my party did some first runs in DST hard mode and there's something awkward going on with the White Mask phase especially. When the White Masks spawn, they target 2 people: 1 person in the boss' melee range (creates line between Mask and this person) and 1 person to follow around, creating a driving situation simiar to SK. However, it quite regularly happens that the Mask connects to the wall, corridor or even the platform you jump down from to reach the boss. In this case, it still follows the closest person, but even if that person stays near the place the Mask connected to, the line gets broken within a few seconds, causing a wipe. For us this problem causes about 1 in 3 wipes and it would be great if we could know what causes it and how to avoid it. 


How can we avoid the Mask connecting to the wall? If it does connect to the wall, is there anything the driver can do to not break the line (like I said, staying close to the wall doesn't work). 

Is this a bug or intended?


Edit: this is what it looks like:

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