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What to do once reaching lvl 55?

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Hello everyone, I'm very close to reaching level 55 on my Destroyer. I would like to know what are some of the first things I should do once I reach level cap. If anyone has any tips or information of where to begin, I'd really appreciate it! I would really like to do both PVE and PVP. Thanks!

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- Keep doing the story (yellow quests)

- Keep buying the Light Weapon Chest with Naryu Silver until you get one with 6-8 slots. Do not upgrade your Seraph weapon before then.

- Do PvP and get the Hongmoon skills for your class

- Do daily challenge each day

- Do weekly challenge each week

- Do Tower of Memory and Hongsil's event dungeon every day. Use the event tokens to get Sacred Vials

- Once you finish the story, look for some quests called "Know Thine Enemy" in your Journal (J) and do those

- Use Draken Cores to get some accessoires (Bracelet first)

- Try to join a guild with peach bonus and start farming Celestial Basin for materials and mystic badge

- Alternatively, farm arena PvP (1v1 and 3v3) for materials

- Once you get enough gear, start looking for Skybreak Spire raids to get elemental accesoires and Raven Weapon.

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