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Summoner's F roll and Second Wind: can they have a selection with shorter distance

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tl:nr: Add shorter-distance Moves for Summoner's F roll and 2 roll, so that their escape skill can properly serve as escapes instead of additional punishment.


Similar to FM has three type of SS: 8m, 14m and 14m with long cooldown if used during CCed, a.k.a another escape skill.


While I guess the 10m distance jumping away when CCed is good for pvp, these skills hardly make a good escape skill in PvE content for Summoner, mainly solo contents


Countless time where F roll and Second Wind harms me more than help, cuz 10m distance will trigger bosses to do their dangerous approach skills. These skills being located in main DPS button (F and 2) don't help either. If don't escape immediately, I'm sitting duck for next attacks, mainly HP-draining air-launch skills if you get stunned or daze, or a knockback skill that makes the situation even worse. In short, unless I turn my back so that the F roll/Second Wind will move behind the boss, thus cutting the distance enough to not trigger approach attacks, I'm pretty in peril, escape or not escape.


Another problem is that Sum's F roll has longer animation than classes with shorter-distance F roll, make the class harder to react to attack that requires F roll + SS to be executed fast enough, like the pull attack by Master Hong or M'ao. This especially bad if you play at high ping, and your only reliable way to bypass their attack is resorting a trick where you will F roll to behind them, thus don't need to do the following SS.


These problems doesn't happen to melee classes, and two ranged classes FM and Gunner whose F roll are much shorter-distance and animation than Summoner. Same ping, my SUm relies on luck so that F-roll + SS can be done. Meanwhile, my WD just F roll + SS much more comfortably. Even if these classes mess up, they can Tab escape and resume their next action immediately, while Sum has to deal with bosses' approach skills that are likely to kill them thanks to their so-called "escape". It is like out of fire, into a frying pan.


Yeah, yeah, the point of solo bosses is learning their rotation so that you won't have to resort using these skills. Yeah, yeah, I know summoner has a cat that can tank and help ignore rotation, though you may not know that Summoner cannot spamming taunt 24/7, and you have 4s that you're on your own dealing with boss attack. Some bosses even ignore cat taunt. However, even if you are so fluent of their attacks, there are still bad days where you make a mistake. For other classes, these mistakes can be remedied. For summoner, however, their mistakes are fatal cuz their escape skills just make the situation even worse.


For group contents, when fighting bosses with positional mech, accidental F roll/2 roll and take away the role of furthest marker and may cause wipe. Or you may drop into a bad place like a DoT puddle.

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52 minutes ago, Rhiakath said:

As a WL can relate to everything you wrote here ;_;  I don't even check out new solo content until it's old because of that

Yep, i beat hong with a crappy WL recently, only by not using F roll or 2 a single time, evey time he would jump on me and causing my death.


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If your F roll gets changed to  8m other summoners are gonna complain they get tech chased too easily in pvp then.


Have you tried F roll, wait for them to use approach skill and use 4?


You also have resist bubble and cat swap.


knock downs are suppose to be the weakness for range classes, because you’re usually 16m away and have a cat/thrall and a resist shield and a swap, and a block or a aoe resist like petal storm or divine shield. You have lots of utility to defend yourself.

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