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Request: Make Blocklist unlimited and account based.

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Please correct me if I'm wrong here but from what I've gathered, the blocklist is stored on our local machines, and is character based.


In terms of file size I don't see an issue giving with a blocklist taking up a bit more space, it takes up kbs at the momet.

Is there a specific reason I can't block the 51st "GM1" spammer? or block that annoying 51st F8 person that curses and can't spell?


For the same reason, If I've blocked said spammer or asshat, I really don't want to see their stuff on another character.


IMO blocking one "person" should let me block any and all messages from that account.


Also each one of my characters has a separate blocklist so does that mean if I wanted to block someone fully, I would have to look up their characters, block all of their characters manually. On all of my own characters? If so this seems rather... silly.

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