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Dreamsong Theater is Bogus

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...Took my little catgirl (55 Hongmoon 16) in against the gatekeeper at the theater solo, as I could not find anyone to party, though I have searched many times. Fought an epic fight for twenty minutes, won the battle. It was my 2nd try. Felt good about that win, but then.... What do I get for my effort? Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I expected some sort of drop from such a good fight. The wooden puppets dropped stuff, good stuff, and they were pushovers! Bogus. Then, of course, I get demolished in 3 seconds in the theater itself. I did not expect to win that one, anyway, as tough as the first fight was. But, I am sorely disappointed that the first fight had no reward of any sort, and that parties just are not happening;, did general searches and dungeon searches. Sigh. I guess this is just for the super people....

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What... dreamsong theater is not an event dungeon you are not supposed to solo it and it's not a surprise you can't get a party for it. I dunno what your gear is but as hm 16 you are prolly not ready for it.

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