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i wanna die

this is how broken this game is

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tries to run new 2019 mmo on high settings
boom 60fps
tries to run bns on high settings boom 30fps

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8 hours ago, Grimoir said:

There was a windows update issues on tuesday. Other than that, i do not deny the game has some issues, but personally i believe that its your computer that has a problem and not the 64bit client itself.

If it wouldnt seem like a shady business i wouldnt mind helping people out remotely but sadly you are stuck with nc support .-.


good idea let's blame windows

8 hours ago, Grimoir said:

If it was the game, EVERYONE would experience the same issues as everyone shares the same client. And since you say yourself started a week ago after wednesday and only you seem to complain, simply proves its your machine. Building PC's doesnt mean that certain software or things you do on your pc, or install, or ill say "care" for your PC dont cause issues.

its easier to blame something on a game client rather than your own machine.

Let's forget that Windows update was going affect almost the same number of people. 

point your finger at windows good idea. point your finger at NCS nop this proves that it's your PC


On ‎07‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 9:28 AM, Grimoir said:

really...i have a similar spec to yours and my fps does not drop below 80 FPs.....without an overclocked cpu even.

really? but but

you say this the other day

On ‎02‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 6:20 PM, Grimoir said:

I runa 8700k with 1080 and my FPS, even in raids does not drop under 70 average, i mean it fluctuates between like 65-100 but does not go below that amount. Not Oc'ed. in normal dungeons or open world i have between 100-120

big jump in performance. You really know what you are talking about!

continues to help these people.

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