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Celestial Basin vendor after Dec 5th


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Just a heads-up on a few things regarding the Celestial Basin peach vendor.

Re: the Eminence XP Charm:

Patch notes indicate that this XP Charm will be valid for use up to Hongmoon 14, and one of the two tooltips has changed to reflect that. However of the item's two tooltips, the Caution warning still mentions HM12.


The patch also removed the use of Forging Orbs and Xanos discs for weapon upgrades. I am a new player, so I do not know if these are used for anything else, and in fact patch notes mention that sealed versions of these items can be exchanged.

Any explanation as to why the untradeable ones cannot be exchanged, only sold for 1 copper each? I find it strange that the exchange was not available for all of the items, as they clearly hold some value, else the exchange for Sacred Orbs (re: sealed ones) would not exist.

But specific to the peach vendor versions, these items' tooltips  show 'Duration Expired' so I believe these 'expired' items have no use at all. Why are they still listed on the peach vendor? A faulty mouse or human error could cause an unintentional purchase via misclick.



Or, for those players who missed this item in the patch notes (including returning players at some point in the future who are unaware of the patch) could buy them in ignorance. These items could (should?) have been removed.

Thanks for your time - I know y'all read the forums.

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