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SK + VT not nerfed + with bugs, HQ Bomb seriously bugged.

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Did some test with my clannies and yea, instead of making it easier, new patch made it harder.

So, boss in SK still has 990mil instead of 900 cause nerf was supposed to reduce 90mil, light share on adds still kills. Spin still knocks back, and it wasnt supposed to.


Asuras wipe after 3 orbs, it was supposed to be 5.


But all of this is not a problem comparing to hive queens bug bomb. What happens is, bug bomb happens in middle, and not on person.

We had 2 guns + 1 fm and in old times fm was getting bug bomb in 95% cases i would say.

So all of us waiting after KD that moment when 1 of the middle people's name becomes marked in party with lightened red but it didnt get marked.

We tried 2 times, had no luck. Then after we told all of those people to leave circle and come back inside but there was no visible aoe explosion on none of them.

They come back to middle = boom all dead.

So then we did same, but this time they waited longer outside, they came back in circle, noone died but since we had to do it that way, we didnt have enough dps to kill queen before laser reached her, because people in mid were all the time without theire buffs, since they get 30 sec debuff once they leave middle circle.

In the end we killed her by saving all buffs and resets in 3rd phase, doing only stuns without single kd, but its definetely not even a close solution for people who have no high tier dps/buffs/resets in parties. So yea its definetely worse then it was. If only the correct mechs were restored, none of this would be problem, but this time bug bumb is literally a bugged bomb.


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