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End-event review on Thanksgiving 2018

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tl;nr: A lot less satisfying compared to last year.




Here are what I get from 168 Kid's Tables and 168 Elder's Tables from 4 alts


I won't list the pros, cuz this event has no pros. It is just too pale compared to the same but wonderful event last year.


1) More work to do. Doing solo dungeons are not something I particularly enjoy in a MMORPG. Plus, you have to do DCs in order to get the boxes, together with crafting or buying the materials for transmutation.


2) More costly. A set of six items come down from 6 boxes to 3 boxes. Elder's Table making cost is expensive and don't have a very good RNG. Also, a silver scale is worth like 20-30g in F8 run, and can be traded for 2 full Master Hong tokens. For every Elder's Box you make, you lose materials + 5g + 1/10 of the materials to get a silver scale.


3) Less rewards. Like 4 weeks but only six GC wings and without steel? What is that? Last year, each box costs you 1g, and their loot table are still relatively good compared to this year. Should have make Kid's Tables instead cuz it will save me like 800g for pretty much the same results, just without the wings.


4) Illogical Quality-of-Life improvement. Increase the chance of outfit pouches from the wheel, even though the pouch itself is trade-able? I cannot see this as anything more than just a ploy to hinder players from getting better rewards from the wheel. Everytime I get more than one outfit pouches from the wheel, I curse your name, NCWest.




If this event ever comes back next year, please consider:


-If you already ask players to craft stuffs, plz just let the event revolving around crafting. Don't ask silly Daily, Weekly Challenges or anything extra like solo dungeons


-Stop asking players to use existing currencies. I would rather save Master Hong tokens until they become account-bound instead of wasting on the event. I deeply regret that I have used Master Hong tokens instead of Yunsang's beads, even I'm a TT-gearing player. Six GC wings do not worth the cost of 400g I spend to transmute the Elder's tables.


-Do not try to divide the rewards for different-geared players. Everyone, from newbie to veteran, should be able to participate in the same event and get same rewards regardless of gear level.


-Do not try to increase the drop rate of outfit, especially when it is already trade-able. Every character only one set of outfit, so getting more than what they need tends to be very annoying. Outfit should be also be removed from the wheel and instead just a drop from the tables.


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While you have a lot of valid points, to say there was no pro's to this event just because last years event was better in most cases is kind of a stretch.  Looking at your picture you got basically a hepta obsidian and an octagonal ruby.  last years event you could get hexagonals which could be valued at 4 powders each if you need them, the octagonal can be valued at 72 powders if you needed it.   So that would be equivalent of getting 18 hexas last year (roughly).  The hepta obsidian if we are looking at hong coins is valued at 600 fragments, a little more then you spent on this event (of course crafting fees and what not not taken into account).  


When I looked through the rates from last years event I was seeing a lot of people getting aprox 2% boxes open worth of oils (give or take).  You got about that as well, along with a descent amount of divine grace stones, and some pet packs, and We also got rouphly 50% of the boxes worth of jewels last year, and through the other box got a little less in bound mats.  So their were some nice things about this event, all be it compared to last years not quite as good (but with crafting supplies cheaper it was cheaper per box to buy and craft versus last year).  


That bit of defending the event aside.... the elder box was not worth it this event, the cost to craft it and the mats needed did not warrant the drop rate of the mats people were looking for inside.  With that, because we can now exchange tokens for silver scales, the drop for the silver scale should of been at least equivalent to the material if not slightly better (so for elder box at least 2 scale fragments, probably 3 - 4 to make up the cost). If players are spending higher tier mats to make the boxes drop rates should be at least similar to that of the lower boxes, and as most of the mats aren't increased in value in the box, the crafting fee should not raise as quickly if at all (again already using higher tier mats).


Last years event was wonderful, with that they might of saw it was to easy and tried restricting it a bit, but by doing so they created problems for their higher tier players.  This event seemed to still favor lower geared players, as it did give quite a bit of supplies to help gear them out of raven pretty fast.

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Twice as less gold as Previous Event Gold Wise, but I don't complain about this one too. 15 Minutes you do Event, Then play normally, Not only you get quite a bit of gold daily, but you also make same and more amount doing other things, Better then doing Daily Challenges everyday on all Alts, This was more relaxed event, But here we back to the old, boring daily Challenges and other dungeons event. 


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