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Holiday Spirit Yay

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Oh hello there. Just your friendly lil ol lynn passing by. Oh yes the topic at hand the topic at hand. ummm I was thinking if there could be more snow on


trees with lights and hot cocoa sorta everywhere. Even Foshi can be like Halloween town Holiday theme a little spookier than the rest but still snowing. uhhh


I want big candy canes that shoot confetti and gingerbread houses. Hmm turn the lakes into ice for Ice skating. hmmm allow snow ball fights and the


abominable spooky yeti event. Hmm give us snowboard or skis and allow us to do cool tricks that tour areas where others can see and give prizes. oh did I


mention the snow ball fights already huh yeah that'd be fun poof take that and make the person flip like swirly crazy rag doll effect so its looks funny hehe...


I mean we need to feel the holiday spirit if not it just seems so bland and desolate ya know. I bet their are a tons more cooler stuff then I said but yeah


that'd be sooo coool big marshmallows bouncy places and lollipops huggggge ones and that evil green guy who took that big red suit guy wink wink and you


have to save him or the world becomes toxic dark wasteland with vegetables instead of yummy magic candy hehe ...may be not now but for the future that be soo fun. Oh nooo runn the mean demons are coming to take away the good ol jolliness I speak of ruuunnn their coming!

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Yay, well for starters there's a fun filled most joyous Holiday Tree and cozy snuggle wreath with wonderful presents at Jadestone Village. I also


saw the garnish taverned around one little home their. So check this out. Jadestone is pretty bright and while that's cool and all imagine it


actually getting slighting darker that way the holiday lights brighten around with pretty snowflakes slowly glistening down merrily dancing down


from the heavens creating a most enchanting canvas and adding holiday music something happy not to depressing ;p and all the while hey it


can change to something from up beat to slow and ASMR type. The trees with snow on them and then the snow falling from the trees covering


you up with snow and others have to dig you out or put more snow on you hehe. The cold breathing effect with hot chocolate and the blanket snuggle outfit ;p  

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