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Eminence Charm after December 5 update - Will their maximum level requirement get scaled too?

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You know those Eminence Charm? The cheap EXP charm that gives you 1m EXP each up until you reach HM13?


With the upcoming HM Level revamp, you will pretty much get increased HM level. The following table is based from other servers, which I think NCWest will just follow the suit.




As you can see, a HM13 0% will become a HM18 after the update.


However, the thing is whether the Eminence Charm will have maximum level requirement scaled up until HM18 or not. Or whatever HM level floats NCWest's boat.


In case if the charm does not get scaled together with the change, the charm will quickly become useless, and it would require a grind from now in order to get to the current HM13, so that you can get to HM18 the moment the update hits, instead of getting stuck pre-HM18 due to the charm is no longer use-able for HM13+. Any exp that you earn without using the charm to its maximum potential is a waste.


It is possible that NCWest has taken account of this. However, knowing their history of messing up stuffs, they may somehow forgot about scaling this charm.

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