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Lyn Thunderfox

More feedback/ideas.

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Hey you ! 


A while ago, ~6 months to be precise, I've made a thread with some ideas, etc : 


When it didn't really had answers at all, I've seen that most of the ideas that has been made to the game recently more or less came from there, with some being made to basic ones. (it might also be a coincidence mind you) 

But yeah so far : the VT necklace upgrade nerf, the Draken accs, the soul (Stormbringer -> Hongmoon 6), the arena chests (while it doesn't give moonstones, it does give its crystal version), triangular gems removed, reduced Hellion cores prices for prisms, Pet Packs amount tweaked and Moonwater key as well. 


So if by not insulting the company, we can actually make things 'right' then finally it might make me happier to play the game.. so far I'm not even going F8 or doing anything worth it these days, especially since it's hard to be related to this game due to the developers in Korea working ON MOBILE GAMES (FOR THE ASIAN MARKET WITH OUR MONEY RIGHT) AT THE SAME TIME AS WORKING ON THE PC VERSION. *heavy breathing*



Anyway, here's another bunch of ideas/tweaks/whatever, some might be tweaked from my old thread, some others might be totally new. (duh)


- As the Chinese apparently did recently on their server, I suggest to rework Heaven's Mandate : much higher level entry, and still requires a White Orb to summon Jinsoyun. The daily lockout is still in as well.

However, the rewards are MUCH better than the current ones : not counting between Sea Glass, Blood Pearl, Hive Queen wings, Sacred Vial, and so much more. (yet to design the rewards)

> Optional : Hard mode, for even better rewards. (guaranteed Sacred Vial, or chance for Grand Celestial wings, HQ heart, whatever 'high-tier' you want)


- I still wish to see Evolved Stones available from these dungeons : Sundered Nexus and Sogun's Lament, they are 'long' enough for it. (only last boss obviously)

ADDED: you can also reduce time between spawns from "open world" dungeons such as Twisted Grimhorn Wilds, Zaiwei Ruins or Celestial Basin since they drop Evolved Stones as well, would help a bit more on the farming side, imo.


- Hongmoon 6 - 10 doesn't require Sacred Vial anymore to upgrade. Replaced by Transformation stones most likely. 


- To counter soon-to-come Square/Penta gilded, make Hexagonals from Dragon Express cheaper : 20-30 Solar Energy.


- Throwing again the hq outfit pouch idea -> remove the 10 fabric cost, 10g this time + cannot fail transmutation. 10g + unable to fail for normal outfit pouch as well.


- People have to go through too many Sacred Vials to upgrade literally half items now :l 

The least the game can do is to remove the Vials needed for Awakened badges and asks for more Divine Grace stones instead. (up to 5 from 3)




- Demon Spirit stones, which are supposedly back in Cold Storage, wait and see.

- PTS being removed from a lot of accessories, I think the fail thing could be somehow fair now. Wait and see as well.

- Still not sure how, but we need a better way than buying 3000 salvageable gems to get Hongmoon Powders :l

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