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In-game problems that need to be addressed ASAP (Events, Sacred Vials, Moonstones, etc).

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10 hours ago, Grimoir said:

Or...maybe you should just stop using the excuse of p2p and f2p to progress?

People keep comparing themselves to the people that throw tons of money at the game. If someone has that money to spend let them, its their business not yours, but you should not expect to gear up the same as them and as fast as them to begin with.

F2p means you grind you slowly upgrade your gear, period.

P2p means throw your wallet, max your gear, play with other people with your gear.


People dont want to PVP for moonstones, well sure they can choose so, but moonstones are a pvp materials, same as soulstones, and its has not been something new or a secret. so if you weant o make profit, earn gold, you will move your butt to pvp and earn it. plain and simple.


you may feel digusted by my posts, you have a right to feel that way, but its only like that because i do not sugar coat things and just call them as they are. Lately all most people do is complain and blame NC that they do not have time to play because irl stuff, that they cant earn materials becayuse they dont like to pvp, that they cannot catch up to people that spend a lot of money because they cant afford it to be p2p....all those arent problems, thats artificial issues created by people who simply do not know what it means to play a grindy mmo.


Don't grind?


We are not talking about catch up, we are talking about maintaining the population of the game, have you been to F8 recently? If, yes you are seeing the decrease in parties and players? Why that? Did you ever asked yourself?


Noone here is asking for free items, if you didn't understood it, please read again everything. We are asking WAYS to farm it decently. We have big updates every other month, a player starting right now will need at least 3 or 4 months to clear VT, unless he cash or get carried, which is not the case of new players. It's not sustainable.


How many people are doing TT raid and are not whales? not much. If you ask why it's because the majority of players cant keep up with the content release pace given the lack of ways to farm. BG is just a massacre fest for the p2p over the f2p and you ask me why people don't like it? (not even talking about the cursing they suffer for not being full pvp...)


Look at the gems, pet, and soul there is no way a free player can have those. Just tell me what one can farm doing F8 dungeons all day long? Nothing that would level the said items. This is not grinding, this is forcing the players to cash or get stuck, I lost the count of how many left because they can't have this game as a second job and even so wont progress. This is killing the game, do you really think that widening the gap between f2p and p2p is good? 

I myself dont have any desire of competing with p2p, it is impossible, I just want to progress and play the fking game with my friends.


The last raid is out in KR and I dont know a single PT of f2p that have killed boss 4 of TT,  very few are doing boss 3 with mixed p2p. Even some whales are leaving the game because of all that. That's not healthy for the game, if that's break your ego  being 10 stairs ahead of f2p instead of 100, think twice in the consequences for the game.

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On 24/11/2018 at 8:34 PM, Grimoir said:

1. If you find an event trash, you are free to not participate.

2. Because you are not supposed to upgrade everything in 1 day of playing. Gear is meant to be a long term investment.  You can farm evolved stones in celestial basin and you can actually farm them quite decently. That is the best way for f2p players to make gold and gear. Not to mention there were events in the past that gave you an upgraded pet and soul and thats how many people geared their alts. also if you dont want that you can always buy a pet and usoul from the marketplace for a few k gold.

3. You do not have to can buy them from the marketplace since they are cheaper now. and they just recently more than halved the amount of moonstone crystals needed.

4. Because those boxes were stupid to begin with, they caused more issues than good.


Seems to me you are very unhappy with the game, but are not forced to play if it frustrates you that much.

i'm sorry there is no way crafting oils with this low evo rate. it need to be fixed 

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3 hours ago, GrimmxD said:

i'm sorry there is no way crafting oils with this low evo rate. it need to be fixed 

If there wasnt the market wouldnt be so flooded with oils :)

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11 hours ago, Granger said:

lmao im stuck at cosmic right now. awakened tiger is gonna take at least another half year, by which point it'll be considered weak. You dont get it, do you?

I do...i was stuck for a while there too, guess what...i sucked it up, did pvp for moonstones, famed the crap out of dungeons, crafted transformation stones and

made 300+ gold per batch.

Joined a clan that sells VT runs and VT gear = profit and more gold to put into other things.


The game is hella grindy, yes, but its not impossible. not to mention the grind is the only thing this game has considering dungeons are so brainded you dont need anything special to clear them.


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