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Aside from daily quest, Koldrak's loot should also drop scales

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Else, there is no point hitting him more than once per day, unless you multi-alt him, or hope for that super-duper rare drop of garnet from loot. I got two garnets from boxes after two months and made a hepta garnet, but I prefer something less RNG.


Other gems already have upgrade cost reduction, a full set of hepta, octa is within reach, and the future with gilded garnet and dyad garnet-obsidian and 8 gem slots is not too far away, so I think it is now time to speed up the grind a bit.


Ideally, the box quality will drop respective number of scales:

-Normal/Last-hit box: 1 scale

-Premium box: 2 scales

-Elite boxes: 3 scales


Btw, if possible, add Koldrak daily quest (not replace, ADD!) back to the list of daily challenges also helps to attract more players to do the run.

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