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Blade & Soul Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ The Shadowmoor Duo: Frist time / Stream Test

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Not really sure wich section should i put this but oh well ...

Some people still have difficulties on this dungeon and some even think you need to have a full party to actually complete it.. the thing is more people more dps and its faster of course but its also possible to do the mechs with 2 people

Altought i did alot of stupid mistakes ( and cause of it we used res charmbut overall it's possible).

It was a clumsy run but if done with no mistakes, no res charms or whatever is needed.

So i just took that part from the stream i did and wanted to show people how it can be done i hope it helps some of you :3


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19 minutes ago, RavTH said:

WL:it's gonna take like 20/30 minutes
FM: no it's not
Video time: 31:48
he was almost right :HajoonSurprised:

it wasnt the WL talking it was another friend of mine XD but yeah i wanted to try duo so i kept saying it wasnt to take that long ( also in the video description's i set the time for the boss clears u dont need to see all XP

Clears: Boss 1: 3:35 Boss 2: 25:50 :3

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