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B&S II, B&S S, B&S M, B&S Revolution

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They want to get profits from that fat mobile market, especially when it costs less to develop a mobile game.


However, 4 mobile games (including the upcoming BnS Revolution, which is made by NetMarble) is just greedy and lazy. Actually, it is 6 mobile games, since there are Aion 2 and Lineage 2 M too


Meanwhile, Unreal 4 update for BnS is nowhere to see.


Really, I hate this kind of greed enough that I wish them just fail miserably, like how they ignore players' feedback with Master x Master and has to shut down the game. They blatantly ignore players who actually dedicated hours of playing their game for real and just turn to cater casual people who just simply download the game, play past the tutorials, buy a bunch of potions, turn auto-combat on at a farm spot and leave their phones on with a charger for hours.


If you want to have a feeling on how a mobile MMORPG would work, download Lineage Revolution and the upcoming BnS revolution. I don't believe that NCSoft can be creative enough to escape a screen packed with a few skill buttons that are used off-cooldown, a slot for healing potion, and auto-run-to-quest-destinations, together with greedy micro-transactions.

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It might not be that bad.


The Team Bloodlust is only signed in B&S M trailer which is supposed to be the port of original PC version to mobile devices. Since B&S M will run on UE 4 it might mean that they will do the update of PC version to UE 4 at same time.

Also i'm glad that none of those announced games are for PC. I think we don't need another PC variant of B&S game because that would only mean one of three things:
1) It would be only a rename of current version, with some updates. This would be probably best case scenario.

2) The current game would close down and the new version would replace it. This would mean that everyone would have to start from scratch.
3) The new and old game would both keep runing. This would split the playerbase between those two games.


So I think the PC version might need the engine update and some regular content updates but not another PC game.

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I do hope nc soft is watching the backlash companies like blizzard is receiving. They lost alot of money after their mobile only announcements.   The other thing people don't seem to understand is that playing on a small screen all day is tiring.  The mmo experience was best on a PC because of the big screen in which we could experience the world more. That isn't the case for cell phones.  I wanna be looking straightforward and not "down". 


Ill be personally skipping all mobile games. 

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In Eastern Countries Mobile Gaming (This should be a sin!) is popular since asians are always on the move and not really at home enough to sit and play. Work, Train, Bus, Lunch Room, Park, Restaurants etc. Asians love their mobile gaming (I feel like a

blasphemer just saying it) Handhelds are one thing but these....Cell Phone Games are popular. I guess it would make more sense to develop for mobile. I am slowly losing faith in humanity.

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So the mobo market is down over 50% from last year.  Vs.  roughly flat in the PC market  with a few showing upticks, and a few showing downticks.  These appear to be related to game-related features or addons, as there seem to be sharp upward jumps after trending down.  BnS ticked up with the holiday and story addons last year, but a weak storyline might be responsible for lower sales this year.    Except for Lineage, BnS shows higher numbers despite its downward trend.


Poor performance in BnS due to heavy DRM and need to uncompress and decrypt content on each scene change have end up losing players as they lose interest in spending a large amount of time waiting.  Especially in 64-bit, better use of memory cache could be made, but the biggest gains will come in allowing the game to be stored on disk (or ssd) in the same format needed in memory.  It may be that NCSoft loves their content more than their players, and will end up with what they love most if they don't get rid of compression and encryption related delays.



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On 11/16/2018 at 4:41 AM, Buzzirk said:

Me too.  It's just like what Blizzard did.  It's like they're just putting BnS (this one) on life support now.  I want my games on a screen where I can see everything. 

This is way worse than what Blizzard did, this is 4 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing games like why 4 different titles and non on PC.

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