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So we finally got the option to salvage whole tokens for fragments during the event; which was was something that people asked for about a week or two ago. 


Also noticed that any feedback we give tends to take a week or so (at least a patch cycle) to finally get through and implemented. 


Kind of makes the first week of any patch not worth the time, energy, or money to invest in as we're basically providing the testing and QA control feedback. 


My question is if NA has any power to implement changes directly or do they have to send everything back to KR for approval and implementation?


Just curious about the exact reason for this feedback lag.

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For most changes, especially to in game content, the development team in Korea have to research and approve the design request before they are able to begin development. After the changes have been developed, we then need to test the fixes on our end and ensure they are working as intended on the NA/EU servers. After all these steps have been completed,  we want to limit server downtime and so we aim to pair the changes with a weekly maintenance. So in the end, the development of any quick, non-critical changes tend to take at least a week to release to the public.

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