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Random Suggestion: for outfit set in future Troves, make them into pouches

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People who whale for materials from Trove will spend thousands of Trove keys and eventually get all items of outfit sets.


People who spend a more humble number of Trove keys mainly for outfits tend to not be as lucky. They may end the Trove with incomplete set of outfits. Personally, I have a Mythos outfit without Helmet, and a Kitsune hair without outfit, for example. It feels very... unsatisfying, and no, it is impossible to spend more cuz reasons.


I think NCSoft should just add all outfit items of the same set to a pouch instead, so that once a player manage to roll an outfit roll, they will the whole set and be happy with it. Meanwhile, there will be more trove slots per outfit-roll saved for other more more desirable items.





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