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Make all table transmuation cost 1g

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Just notice today that there are differences in transmutation prices of the three tables:


Kid's Table = 1g

Grown-up's Table = 3g

Elder's Table = 5g


What does this mean?


You will earn 82 boxes at the end of the event. Assuming you craft all event materials which, which cost 2g per set per daily craft. Events have 28 days, so you need 168g to craft for 82 boxes


82 Kid's Tables = 82g + 164g = 246g

82 Grown's Tables = 246g + 164g = 410g

82 Elder's Tables = 410 + 164g = 574g


"It is just 246-574g. Don't be a cheapstake", you thought? Yeah, It is 250g-578g on a SINGLE CHARACTER, assuming you CRAFT EVERYTHING, else it is even more expensive. And of course, if you want to maximize rewards as much as possible, you will want to have more than one characters, thus just piling up more gold. Hope you don't go full Elder's/Grown-up's Tables on all your alts, or you will get bankrupt pretty fast if the number of good-drop wheel pouches don't cover your cost. Remember that wheel pouches have the same drop rate regardless of tables, so the more Grown-up/Elder Tables you make, the more costs you spend.


For the sake of comparison, 246g is enough to open x2 number of boxes if it was the last year's event. In addition, you were not gated from doing solo dungeons.




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