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Instead of limited selections of fusion, all badges should be fuse-able to each other

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It will allow players to experiment new badge combos to their heart's contents in both pvp and pve. This alone provides a better depth of badge fusion system.


It will also finally allow a pvp-oriented badge fusion, instead of just using solo ones. We have four pvp badges after all, but no fusion for them.


And the developers don't need to think a name for every available combination. Name like "Magnum & Primal Force badge" is good enough.


Or, we can just abolish the whole badge fusion system. Instead, add a second slot for soul badge. This way,  the developer doesn't need to create new fused badges every time a new badge combo becomes available. To open the second slot requires extra step, however. Maybe asking you to consume some items that are crafted with divine grace stones, for example. Or, using divine grace stone to make a normal soul badge become "second-slot-only" badge.




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PVP oriented badge fusions will come slowly. we already got the first 2 badges for it. I'd rather it stays as is considering PVP is already broken because of too much gear modifiers.

Plus the predefined legendary badges are part of the balance aswel. If they were to give freedom in combining them they would have to change / adjust skills for it aswel.

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