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You know, instead of cost-rebalance something based on the game's economy...

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How about just keep existing method and add alternative method?


For example, instead of removing soul/sacred crystals and x2 amount of moonstones and add some more elysian crystals when making a sacred oil, why don't we have both? A method that requires soul/sacred crystals, and another without with increased moon/elysian.


Similarly, instead of reducing some moon crystals but sharply increases everything else when upgrading an accessory, why don't we have both? A upgrade option that requires large amount of moon crystals, and another upgrade option with less moon crystals but more of everything else.


People have different things they find abundant, while someone else will find the same material scarce. Instead of trying to drain resource of the first and hurts the latter, why don't just offer plenty of options for they to choose from? If they have a lot of soul/sacred, they will happily take the path. If they find themselves have trouble gathering soul/sacred, they can go to another option. The "rebalance" will be conducted through the players, instead of NCSoft's hands.

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no how about REMOVE and I mean REMOVE all account bound material bs from BNS and keep it like it was before so we can have profit from MATS that are MATS and not just NON BOUND MATS, that's just stupid whoever made bound mats and non bound mats for bns...

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