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Did you hear that KR server just has added pet skin collection function that provides stats?

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Collecting certain pet skins, or pet skin combo will provide you with stat increases.




Here is the total stat increase (taken from a recent translated patch note on reddit)


31800 HP

460 Defense

120 AP

401 Power (unified elemental damage after awakened skill patch)

415 Critical Damage

425 Critical Defense


The question is that whether this thing is any different from selling cosmetic items with stats on cash-shop. If you don't know, only very few pets can be gotten in-game, namely Koldrak pet and the four penguin pets. The rest, you will have to buy pet pouches, RNG Boxes, Troves, or buy from F5 from people conduct mentioned activities.


What's next? We gonna have outfit collection book where earning an outfit set or a certain outfit combo gives you stats too?


Maybe they will add cat outfit collection, where summoner can increase stats for their cats.


Oh, don't forget about weapon skins too. Sweet stat increase if you combo them with corresponding outfits (Urban Legend weapons + Urban Legend set, for example).


I wonder what will be NCWest's approach to this new function. They used to remove stat increase from Premiumship (yeah, other regions have some stat increase if you subscribe) to make it "fair".

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8 hours ago, Kozuki said:

If you don't know, only very few pets can be gotten in-game, namely Koldrak pet and the four penguin pets

That's not exactly true. There were some epic level pets obtainable from dungeons (like lycan or ghost). Those are now moved into the pouch you can buy with solar energy.


But otherwise I also think it's a bad idea to give stats based on collected pets.

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