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Can the token requirement for opening Golden Harvest Boxes reduce to 1?

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To get enough token fragments to open all 3 boxes, you will have to run 2-3 times of the solo dungeons per day. After running one time and done the dailies, the dungeon feel just like a chore to run again, especially Master Hong for high ping people (fighting him is very RNG cuz ping can prevent you from doing his mech properly).


I prefer just get done with both dailies and the event at the same time (like how some events consists of doing only daily challenges and be done with it), since the dailies+bosses will give enough token fragments on one-go if the boxes only requires a single token fragments. The time I spend to re-run, I rather to spend on other dailies to earn extra gold instead.


Also, this will players who struggle with the final boss to be able to grind in lesser bosses instead. Note that even it is just 3 fragments per day, it can still be a long grind.

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I thought it would be hard for everyone and not just for 30% of the players, who of course again on another piece flee people What have weaker gear

and I thought they wanted the huge differences in people reduce Gear and more likely to increase it.   sorry for me english

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1 hour ago, Vyd said:

lets just move to the next event, or stick with zaiwei one, anything than this gold harvest tbh.

mh, anyway, it looks terrible on paper, i wonder how it will turn out once its on.

It is a curse to some people, and a blessing to some other. More curses than blessings, though.


Cursed, cuz Kid rewards only matter to fresh new players. For mid-seasoned players, save some common rewards, most BT materials are outdated or dirt cheap to get. The more matter tier 2 for VT-gearing and tier 3 for TT-gearing is gated behind certain DPS. Yeah, you can go ahead and finish harder dungeons with scaleburn weapon or whatever you claim. But, come back and tell me if you enjoy doing these dungeons in "Hardcore Mode" a few times in daily basis? Also, just cuz you are gearing for TT means Master Hong is a walk in the park. Master Hong is extremely unfriendly to high ping for some classes. Even if you can do mech perfectly, you can still get killed by DoT stack cuz the server refuses to recognize that you successfully avoid a stack.


Cursed, cuz some players have a habit to combine fragments into whole tokens, so that when they stop doing these dungeons, they save some space. Now, their habit goes against them, cuz instead of leisuring enjoy the events, they will have to regrind for the events. It is saddened that you have 50 Master Hong tokens (500 token fragments), but cannot use it for the event cuz NCWest is like "Screwing you. Who let you save space when you can buy my dragon pouches?". It is like going to a supermarket and buy something for US$1 with your US$10 banknote, but the staff refuses to let you cuz he don't want to deal with changes. Really unprofessional of NCWest.


Cursed, cuz you will need to run a dungeon of your choice a few times per day to open 3 boxes per day. This should have been avoided, cuz no other events before require you a dungeon RUN IT MORE THAN ONCE per day (except for Merchant event), as the rewards are tied to daily quests. Now, you have a limited number of box provided by Daily Challenges, then you have to run F16-20, Outlaw's Island or Circle of Sundering 2-3 times per day. Like I said, after done their dailies, the following runs are a chore to do. This is also a salt to the wound to players who are supposed to skip the whole progress, cuz they combine their tokens, now they have to join the train. Meanwhile, players who don't have a habit of combining tokens can just do DCs then sit back, cuz they don't need to run anything extra. Taking the supermarket example above, it is like the staff spits at the face of who bring them US$10, and only welcomes people who carry US$1 banknotes.


Cursed, cuz unlike Yunsang and Yeoharan's tokens that serve nearly no purpose now, Master Hong tokens are USEFUL. It can be traded for Obsidian, or stockpiling until the day they become account-bound and you can save your alts the headache of running Master Hong. This is the first time that an event uses an existing currency, especially the RELEVANT Master Hong tokens. So at the end of the event, your stockpiling of tokens are zero or greatly reduced. Before, there was this annoying PvP events where it requires 3-run and 1-win. Even so, at the end, you earn a nice amount of Zen Bean (my non pvp alts each have 10k Bean), which is a nice extra reward for committing your time to the event aside from main reward. This event? You lose your stock pile of token fragments instead.


Cursed, cuz this event will cause players to become paranoid. They will no longer combine token fragments just in case, thus each currency wastes two slots. As the game grows, there will be even more tokens and fragments added. Meanwhile, even if you buy all dragon pouches to open all slots, your space is limited. How to deal with this? Did you hear about the third vault tab that is added to KR server recently? The one that is for premium players only? Yeah, that is the solution. Another incentive for premium players so that F2P players feel that they will want that third vault for their space problems. Typical NCWest who love to create the problem and sell the solution.


Blessed, if you have a stockpile of token fragments, don't have a habit of combine them into whole tokens cuz you're lazy and don't want to bother. Yeah, you are now rewarded for such laziness. You can now just do DCs and have the reward flows to your inventory without bothering yourself too much to these "EVENT" dungeons.


Blessed, if you have a stockpile of Yunsang beads. These things are account-bound, so you can send them your un-geared alts who can do simple daily challenges and open the boxes. More boxes = more chance to get mysterious pouches. No need to deal with Yunsang/Yeoharan/Master Hong or whosoever.

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29 minutes ago, Kozuki said:

don't have a habit of combine them into whole tokens cuz you're lazy and don't want to bother

dats me :HajoonCheer::HajoonHappy::HajoonWow:(my bag is a mess anyway)

but you see, since im around midtier in the game,using  those tokens as an event currency greatly impacts my feelings towards this event,and the likeliness that i will even bother with it,the only thing i see worth getting is the 11 ap food, altho i have no idea how difficult it will be,other than that, i will sacrifice my yunsang stuff.

need the coins for pvp bracelet.(and i hate running these more than once a day)

altho the part i really hate about this event is the distribution of % items, like the kids box should have both jewel and element as guaranteed, instead of 10 draken core that nobody uses nowadays,and the empty pouches...i can only guess the content of it . . .(this is my first time  doing this event, so idk), and lets not talk about that outfit. . .




the elders table doesnt rly appeal to me, cause it doesnt rly contains anything i need, or will need in the far future either,im a pleb, not even doing VT let alone TT . . .

and honestly out of all 3 box the elders seems to have the worst content stuffed xD


anyway, my main point is that im greatly against using those tokens as event currency,imo the ammount of ppl that will get frustrated running those boring dungeons over and over again,is probably higher than those that will enjoy it,and they might even quit at some point,or just dont bother with the event at all.

and to me it seems  that this event is super unrewarding.while zaiwei was super rewarding to mid tier ppl(altho i dont like that they changed the player ammounts /ch

no1 spawns murky anymore, ogong/muki dies regularly,the guaranteed coins are nice.got enough stuff to go asc3 -9 in 3 days(altho i ve yet to upgrade)

yes its grindy, but far more enjoyable than basin, cause you dont have to run across the map every 5 min to kill 50 mob for a small reward(i d rather remove basin and have this as permanent lol)

maybe they should have add an event currency to the quests with enough ammount for crafting afterall.


2 hours ago, Kozuki said:

Did you hear about the third vault tab that is added to KR server recently?

yes i ve seen it on a stream,and im disappointed if its premium only.

its the same as wardrobe was then,all over again.

the sole reason this game is failing is because 70% of the stuff that would make it enjoyable is barred behind a p2w wall,or just so much work that normal ppl would never be able to get.(as in, those who play 1-3 hour a day or 1-2 char),and im not going to mention the classbalances in pvp .:giggle:(wait i just did, dammit)

you can argue with, its not p2w , its p2progress faster, but thats exactly the same.no point in even trying to explain.

also about account storage, most games gives you atleast a minimal space for account storage, like 2-4 row.(no idea if its the same in kr, didnt bother that much)

i was close to getting a starterpack a few weeks ago, and then i remembered all the faults, and i was thinking, why shouldi invest money in a dying game thats getting more and more p2w with every update.(in the end i got myself a cool skin in league)

(if you say the game isnt dying, explain the 200 twitch viewer at peak time, lul,thats not how a healthy game looks)

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not many people know how to unlock floor 16 for that part 2 quest and you expect them to clear floor 20?! not going to mention Yeoharan Maksun will make them know what Naksun was like... and Circle of Sundering will be a good fiesta wipe for all these players that never seen solo dungeon with mechanics and not just dps.


I would suggest putting either beads, mew coin or tranquality frags into some purple easy dungeons like NF/DT/EC for dynamic quest completion so people with lower gear could actually particiate for this event and farm it hell if higher players would benefit for that as well as they would farm tokens and help lowed geared players make the runs more efficient?

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